Loving Life after 50

Letter to Me regarding life expectations

Lord love us you would think I would be tired of festival wear by now but nope, I am still stuck on logo tanks, white lace/crochet and gladiators. Ottawa has been experiencing a heat advisory ( and does it sound awful that I am loving it?) but a heat advisory calls for totally ” cool” clothes and I mean temperature cool not ” festival” cool.

lace skirt, festival tank from Bluesfest and gladiators

I do have the luxury of a totally relaxed work place so I can wear what I want but hello blogger here so let’s always remember that, so even when dressing ” cool” I want to be COOL. 
I am pretty sure if 18 year old self every got a vision of 51 year old self she would be a tad bit shocked,  can you imagine that letter
Dear 18 Year Old Linda,
I know you love fashion and hair and I know you picture yourself going in a certain direction but.. and its a big but. One of these days in the not so near future, like maybe when you are 51 ( which you now kind of think is your grandmothers age, hey wait could that be because yep your mom was 37 and your Nana was 62 …) Ok back on track here, one of these days your future self will be 51 and posting pictures of herself on line everyday.. I know “on line” what the heck is that, but soon studying basic and cobol will lead to these amazing little machines that will let you communicate with anyone, anywhere, and stay in touch and see pictures.  I know how friggin cool will that be, all those friends you meet in Abqaiq, well, hello instant gratification.  
But back to you,  no you will not cut your hair off when you turn 30 because when you hit 30 you will not think you are to old for long hair, you might think hey when I am 40 but again that too will pass and at 50 you will no longer even think about it, your hair is you and keep doing what ever the heck you want.  You may want to store away all that neon because yes it will come back and for heavens sake save those albums and band t shirts because those you can use later. Skip the scrunchies, those do get old but save the Chucks.  8-Tracks will disappear but the vinyl well like I said hold on to them OK.
and one day when you flash forward to 50+, yep the hair will still be long and the clothes will still be fun and no you will never tire of shoes and /or tons of outfits.  Enjoy life Linda Embrace what comes your way and weather through what you think is the bad because Hell Girl you have one awesome life.
Today I am wearing a Bluesfest Tank and my Cascade shawl from the clothing collection designed by Stacey Bafi-Yeboa of Kania Couture , paired with a Joe Fresh Lace Skirt and my Giant Tiger Gladiators.
Kania couture

Bluesfest wear from Kania couture

bluesfest tank and joe fresh lace skirt

bluesfest tank and joe fresh lace skirt and Giant Tiger Gladiators

bluesfest tank and joe fresh lace skirt and Giant Tiger Gladiators

bluesfest tank and joe fresh lace skirt and Giant Tiger Gladiators

bluesfest tank and joe fresh lace skirt
Jord Watch ( c/o) Leopard Fitbit cover ( Amazon)
Giant Tiger Gladiator sandals
and lets just end with enjoying last nights sunset ( as seen from the pool because at 10:00 it was still so very warm out) 
ottawa sunset

ottawa sunset
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