Loving Life after 50

Anchors and sizes.

I have a bad habit when shopping of not trying on anything.  I get an idea in my head of what size I am in particular stores and then I basically hold it up, make a decision and then leave.  Normally it works, I am a relatively great judge of the look and size  school but every so often I get “b” slapped and realize my crooked eye can deceive me. 
So let’s take these shorts as an example, well H & M apparently I do not have your sizing chart down pat in my head…. I love the shorts I really do but I could probably have gone two sizes less,  Yet a blouse I purchased a month or so ago which was one size up from the shorts could have actually been sized up one more ( yea boobs always mess me up).  Conclusion apparently I can wear anything from a 4 to a 12 at H & M, how twisted and frigged up is that? and seriously why is it that on the days you feel the worst the best sizes do not fit? I cannot wait to tell you my Haggar story, funny when I think back but when I first opened the box, I almost cried….. So Haggar contacted me about trying their new Dream Jeans ( which by the way I am in love with), so I was unsure about sizing so I said normally a 6, maybe an 8?? and they sent a 14 OOPS,  it is funny when I look back but I was having one of those days when I opened the box so immediately I thought Oh no do they think I am that size??? Thankfully when I tried them on they were way to big, so body image crisis averted.
As I have stated before, with my history of body image issues and self imposed starvation I do try really hard to not focus on sizing but holy hannah, some gauge is required right? 
So to the outfit, I was really excited about the combination, few stripes, few anchors and some wedges to make it look like I have long glorious legs…. 
navy nautical look
and then the light did not want to cooperate so what the heck is a gal to do.  As always move on, accept life is handing me lemons not lemonade at times and oh yeah try a few shots at the end of the day ( hence the other shoes because sometimes, most times it’s what I do right)
anchors and stripes for a nautical look

Anchors and stripes
Tank-Banana Republic, Blazer-Ricki’s, Shirt-Old Navy, Shorts-H&M, Necklace Posh Little K, Wedges by Payless
Sperry’s below from Winners and Watch by Jord ( C/O)
Old Navy anchor blouse

I do really love anchors and stripes together, not sure what it is about that combination but for me it just works, just like red, white and blue together, it just works .
H&M stripe shorts and anchor blouse

Stripes and anchors paired with Jord

anchor necklace with Old Navy

Relaxed nautical look

Jord meets Sperry
Today I am enjoying a PD day, “personal development” not ” professional”. pool guy is coming to see where the leak is ( darn it) and how much it is going to cost me so I will flit around the house finding projects to work on. I know I should be working on the blog, catching up on social media but I really want to work on the album wall ( intrigued???) Small project ( or large project actually) that I will be working on over the next while. Can’t wait to show you and oh yea stay tuned for my Singer Sewing machine desk.
So happy Rainy Tuesday ( sad to be excited for rain but it has been really, really dry here)
shop the look
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