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Record Room out of Vinyl

creating a vinyl room
I have been wanting to create something fun and interesting in Nic’s room for the last few years but nothing struck my fancy till this summer.  There is no question that it needed to be music related but how exactly I wanted it done was up in the air.  Well the idea started brewing this spring when I accidentally bid on two lots of albums and darn it won them both…. well most were a bit smelly and warpd but some were useable or saveable ( what a word I just created). Well two lots of 100 Albums with maybe 50-75 worth holding on to, sso what to do with the rest… One can only use some many vinyl bowls and earrings.. Plus I have been amassing a great collection of Music/Concert pictures and autographed albums, so hello Vinyl Room seemed so appropriate,
So I scoured through the albums and selected a bunch I thought would be appropriate but how exactly would I attach them to the wall. I watched an episode of Trading Spaces several years ago where Hildy ( I think) attached albums with nails, well hello I do not want a zillion holes in the wall, so nope… Glue would create large holes if I ever removed them… putty was not working well at all and then I discovered mounting tape.  well it was perfect. I am now a huge fan of mounting tape
I knew I wanted a collection of vinyl and album covers but creating the perfect design took some thought, all vinyl, maybe just the album covers…. or alternating??? 
wall art

a vinyl wall in the bedroom
 as you can see I started creating a border with just Album covers but then with some input from Kent realized alternating still looked the best.
albums on the wall

creating a vinyl wall

Album border in the bedroom

I still need to hang the Rolling Stones Picture ( a gift from a great friend)
A Vinyl bedroom
I am really loving the look, I still need to hang the autographed albums and cd’s on the opposite wall but I am really loving the look ( well except the Ikea Stickers I still need to remove)
Vinyl and album covers on the wall

Music bedroom

wall decorated with albums

Vinyl wall

music note wall hanging
So with enough Albums and vinyl on the wall, I now have a stock available if you are in the market for vinyl crafts??? I mean seriously I have made bowls, earrings, cake stands… coasters.. the one item left is a stool for the desk with an vinyl seat and then all should be complete. 
So looking for vinyl, give me a call and in the meantime what do you think?
quick update with the pictures on the wall

autographed albums

Gary Clark Jr and Gaslight Anthem

city and colour and gaslight

the room of records

album room for a musician

rolling stones

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