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Singer Sewing Machine Desk

DIY singer sewing machine desk
True confession I am a garbage picker,  its a bit of an issue… OK maybe I am exaggerating slightly but tis true of this one time, my neighbour was throwing out an old singer sewing machine and I had to have it, just had to.  Kent did the ole where are you putting that…. and my response was I don’t know but I need it.
I asked if I could have it, we carried it across the street and then it sat in my basement for a year (OOPS). This machine screams childhood memories to me, seriously anyone else have one in their house?? I know we all did right, or at least all of us over 40…..
She was in not the best shape but the machine is still there with all her parts, but heck I don’t sew so maybe eventually I will remove the sewing machine and use the cabinet for a bar… but for now it is my new desk.
old singer sewing machine that needs work


singer sewing machine metal frame


old singer sewing machine
So whay you ask after one year did I decide to start moving ahead on this project, well I started following Hometalk ( totally cool ideas) and found this neat way of removing veneer.  A wet towel and an iron and presto, magico the venner just peels off.
using an iron to strip veener


stripping veener with an iron


singer sewing machine drawers


So after the veneer was stripped off I needed to figure out how I wanted to treat my case…
singer sewing machine stripped


re-doing a singer sewing machine


A singer sewing machine
I originally thought I would just paint it and used Sierra Brown, thought is looked a bit flat and then I got Pinterest inspired with chalk paint in parchment
singer sewing machine
I was loving the parchment colour and decided a distressed look would be perfect.
singer sewing machine cabinet


painting a singer sewing machine


I also decided I would only paint the top and the drawers and left the rest of the machine “box” the veneer,  figuring if I hated it I still had paint left over.
singer sewing machine pieces

I disconnected the metal frame, purchased black enamel paint and wow it was a thing of beauty.
singer sewing machine frame


I painted,, sanded it so the sierra colour came through in spots, reconnected the metal singer frame  and then varathaned with a satin finish.  Purchased new pulls and I loved it.  When I asked Kent to help me bring it in the house, he looked at it and said, when are you finishing it…. he doesn’t dig the distressed look
I love it but what do you think????
re-do singer sewing machine desk


singer sewing machine desk

Do you like to repurpose old items?? are you a fan of distreesed, or do you just toss and move on?
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