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The 80’s called they want their matching sets back

Are you a child of the 80’s, do you remember match sets, and I am not talking Tennis, I am talking skirts and blouses.  It was all the rage wearing all those flowery billowy skirts and blouses… am I the only one remembering that trend. I had several and man I thought I looked pretty hot.  
Why is it we think we look so great and look back at pictures and wonder good friggin lord what was I thinking.Interesting fact, I actually have very few pictures of the 80’s and my university days, so no matching skirt sets, no hair crimping, no neon, no acid wash, no scrunchies, no legwarmers… I really should be breathing a sigh of relief that there is no evidence of how badly we dressed at times.  The one benefit of no cell phones, no internet… no evidence lingering to slap us in the face.
So where am I going with this you ask,  well for some reason when I looked at the outfit I kept thinking matching sets… and that is so 80’s although the pattern and the style are totally different, the pics did bring back a few memories. 
Wearing the set I found at Target and wore already ( last time with yellow)

tribal skirt and top from target

tribal skirt and top from target with cardigan
The blue cardigan was OK but I really think the pop of yellow worked better with this pattern so next time, more colour… I think maybe even a brightly coloured necklace would have worked better
tribal skirt and top from target
Shoes from Kmart, Cardigan -Banana Republic, Watch (c/o Jord) Necklace- Vanheusen
tribal skirt and top from target with Kmart pink strap shoes

tribal skirt and top from target with Navy cardigan
tribal skirt and top from target with Jord Watch

tribal skirt and top from target with jord watch

tribal skirt and top from target

But hey it is still a fun little set and everytime I see it I miss Target even more, so back to the office to wait for our pool quote, keep your fingers crossed its not to bad a bill please, appears to be leaks in the pipes ( underground) 
so happy Wednesday, its hump day people smile a little we are almost to the weekend.
and for one more random fact of all of the shoes in my closet how weird is it that I wore the same shoes last Wednesday…

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