Loving Life after 50

When you wish upon a Shein

I know I can hear it in your “thoughts”, six skirts we need, REALLY??? OK maybe we do not need all six ( but I think I do) but I have found six awesome print skirts for unbelievable prices and I think we all should own at least one.  If you have followed me at all you know I am a fan of Shein.  I have ordered many a piece and have always been happy.  I have ordered a few skirts and my fav is my floral midi ( and yea the mesh princess skirt). Recently I have been following Bogi ( ok truly I have been following her awhile) but lately the skirts she is wearing, well hello lust much… so I went on a hunt for some comparable skirts and lookie at what I found.

So I found six, count em six skirts that I must have…. OK any bets on which one I order first?
Take a stroll over to Shein, you won’t be disappointed I promise.