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flowers and stripes and a Crazy Fall Schedule

traveling North America
Today I looked at my Fall schedule and realized exactly why Kent and I have not yet booked our annual fall trip. ( and I am sad that we do not have a week away already planned but based on what is already booked I am not sure when we could get away..) I figure November will be our  time.
Between work, blog and personal. I will be bouncing all over the place from the 20th of September till the end of October I will be heading to Yellowknife, then to Toronto for Blissdom, Whitehorse and then Miami for 5 days ( my sisters 50th so gals weekend to South Beach). Kind of a crazy schedule isn’t it. Add to that, somehow I need to schedule in a trip to Iqualit… and wow this gal is hitting the high points isn’t she. ( oh plus lets not forget Toronto next week to attend the Ricoh Woodbine Mile #womile where our boys are playing)
The Territories and Miami, could it get any more extreme??? Thinking maybe this time ( not to sound like a broken record) I will see the Northern Lights..
Last year I was in Whitehorse the end of September and it was spectatcular, hoping Oct 19th will still be as pretty and Yellowknife, well lets say I am just hoping for no snow….
Whitehorse last September
Yellowknife in October
so enought about my fall plans lets move back to the here and now and the heat wave happening in Ottawa, it is September and the temperature is hovering at 32 C (89.6F), great summer temps to ease us into what we know is coming. Funny story today, I was on the street taking pictures at 7:15 in the morning and did not realize one of my neighbours was outside, Barry asked if I was taking some “extreme selfies”.. to funny, tried to explain the blog thing quickly but honestly I think he is still wondering what kind of vain neighbour he has.
Navy J Crew shorts and a blazer with Kate Spade Beau bag


 Kate Spade Beau bag and floral oxfords
Kate Spade Beau Bag and Shoe Dazzle Floral Oxfords
Navy J Crew shorts and a blazer with Kate Spade Beau bag, with Old Navy striped shirt
Old Navy Strip shirt paired with my J Crew Shorts and a Blazer from Ricki’s.
Necklace-Posh Little K, and of course my Jord Watch (C/O)
Old Navy Striped shirt and anchor necklace


Old Navy red striped shirt



Navy J Crew shorts and a blazer with Kate Spade Beau bag


Navy J Crew shorts and a blazer with Kate Spade Beau bag


shorts and a striped shirt


striped shirt and jord watch


messy braid


office casual in a shorts suit
So any major plans this fall?? Are you excited to see my pictures from the territories and how I will manage outfit pictures on the road?? It is not an easy task that much I can assure you.
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