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Harper Stripes ( and not the bad Harper)

Never has a title given me so much grief… I know how innocuous a title many may think… unless you are Canadian and then just the word ” Harper”…. You know me and I do try and stay away from politics but for gosh sakes we have an election coming up and you can be damn sure i have very strong views and opinions about it.  
So back to the title,  I found these awesome pants at Old Navy ( Thanks Meagan, although she got leopard I got stripes)  I mean I adore these pants but they are ” Harper” pants and that word in my dictionary has been banned 
( #sorrynotsorry).  How banned is it you ask well my lovely niece was expecting ( although sadly suffered a miscarriage, and my heart is still breaking over that) but Carly wanted to name the baby ” Harper” and I just about freaked out…. I am sure it will be years before i am ever able to love that name again ( and sadly I agree with Carly I use to think it was a beautiful name for a girl) So enough about my family woes and my strong political opinions ( bet you can figure out who i am not supporting) lets get back to the ‘ H” pants and how great they are ( plus hello on sale for 20.00 on the weekend although back up to 35.00 today).

They are very comfortable but I must confess they are stretchy so you may want to consider sizing down. I went simole today threw on a blue tank ( Tommy Hilfiger) and an open weave cardigan
( Banana Republic), add some slingbacks (Zellers)and a matching bag (Coach)

Old Navy Harper pants

Harper pants and open weave cardigan

striped Harper pants

Merlot coach bag and jord watch

Banana republic open weave cardigan

coach bag and sling back shoes

wine coach bag and harper striped pants

Harper stripes and a jord watch

Tommy Tank with Harper pants

Vans with my Harper Pants

vans and striped pants with a cardigan

Harper stripes and a cardigan

vans with striped pants

navy and burgundy striped pants by Old Navy

van two tone sneakers
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