Loving Life after 50

Rapunzel Walks Trandy

Today is the first official day of Fall and my first day back to work after a bit of an absence ( dang pneumonia really affected me) plus I am supposed to be winging my way to Yellowknife but last week missing work sure messed that up… oh well no sense crying over spilled milk right… I will move on and now I get to head to Yellowknife in February ( yea for me)
My Sunday was spent trying to prove to myself that I would be able to make it through a day of work and trying to enjoy almost summer like conditions….plus I got a chance to finally play with my Hair extensions ( Thank you Irresistible Me)  I am not sure what is is but I have always been fascinated with long hair, and the longer the better so when provided with an opportunity to instantly grow my hair you can be darn sure I went for the longest I could find.  I opted for the Royal Remy Honey Blonde figuring it would blend in the best and if I do say so myself they were a damn fine match.  ell my Rapunzel like locks screamed out for a flowy romantic dress, so hello Walk Trendy… I haven’t had much opportunity to wear this little number ( here) but for a lazy Sunday it seemed perfect.
white kate spade watch and floral maxi
Hair Extensions (C/O), Maxi- Walk Trendy (C/O), Sandals- Payless, Watch Kate Spade,
 Fedora- Carnival
kate spade watch and a maxi

Irresistible Extensions and Payless silver sandals

Floral Maxi and extensions

relaxing i the park with a Walk Trendy maxi

Maxi and a Fedora with irresistible me extensions

walk trendy maxi and payless silver sandals

Walk Trendy Floral maxi

Irresistible me hair extensions

white fedora and Irresistible me hair extensions

rapunzel locks and a floral maxi

Fedora and walk trendy maxi

Walk trendy floral maxi

I have to be honest, I love my extensions and I truly don’t care that most people may think 50+ is way to old, they are fun, easy to use and actually very comfortable to wear.  I have also tried them as a long braid ( see instagram) and that I loved.  Would you add length if you could??? 
Now I know there have been a lot of reviews about the hair extensions but I have to tell you, delivery was super crazy quick, I received my order in less than a week. I also did not experience any issues, they were well constructed, great clips and perfect colour…. I originally was worried that I should have gone with a flat iron instead but I cannot regret having the ability to have an awesome long braid when ever I want…
So other than the pastiness that is me after two weeks of illness I think the extensions look pretty cool.

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