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That Suit Again, when your Wardrobe feels like new

The change of seasons is a fun time for a fashion gal….not 0nly are there tons of new clothes and styles in the stores the actual switch over of your wardrobe makes you feel like you have a whole new cache of clothing to choose from right?/ Plus hello way cheaper.
Plaid suits and fast cars

Target Blue Plaid suit

As much as the temperatures are still summer like ( today is 26 with the hunidex, or 84) it is still the end of September so perfectly acceptable to start bringing out the Fall/Winter pieces.  Its a gradual process for me because I actually have a whole room that I use off season, I know sometimes I think it would make sense to leave everything where it is and actually call our room the Spring Summer Room and Nic’s room is my Fall/Winter.  Yes poor Nic, his closet and dressers are filled with all of Linda’s off season clothes.  ( plus the Den, which is actually now Kevin’s room when the band comes to town is filled with my shoes and jewellery, hmmm is three rooms an unreasonable amount of Drawers and closet space?? What makes me feel better about all of this is all of Kent’s off season clothes are in Jay’s room so he has two closets filled so I have either negatively affected him or it means we are a match made in heaven LOL) OK and just in case you are noticing the overabundance of male names claiming refuge in our house, two are legally ours and the other four are adopted, i.e. the band members and they are just like our children so now I lay claim to six male young adults, and all of this from the girl who grew up in a housefull of gals and only has nieces… (and finally two great nephews))
Wow total digression off my where the heck the suit came story…..this is one of the two plaid suits I found at Target last year ( and yes world TARGET, so to all you Target Canada naysayers, they had awesome clothes and other stuff you just did not look hard enough, or probably even enter the store.. and yes that is bitter Linda coming through because I am still in mourning)  so the suit,  how awesome is it right??  I lived in my two Target suits last Fall and Winter and guess what,  rediscovering the love so this will be on constant rotation Here and here as a start) . New cami , which I found at Banana Republic in the Spring, new boots from Forever 21 and of course the most amazing awesome necklace that I received from the Happiness Boutique ( worn here) and hello anyone else noticing NEW GLASSES…. they are Tiffany and have hearts on the side ( in honour of The Honest heart Collective teehee)

Plaid suit and navy cami

Target Plaid Suit and rose necklace

Banana republic navy cami and cream necklace

Plaid suit

Target plaid suit and rose necklace

Fall Plaid Pant Suit from target

Plaid Blazer and pants from target and Grommet boots

Forever 21 Grey Grommet boots


Cream and Gold necklace from Happiness Boutique
Sorry for the delay in posting, Kent is away and I spent last night baking for a post that is coming up and experiencing my first EPIC PINTEREST FAIL, so now I have to rethink my whole Wednesday post argggggg.

Dont’s forget the awesome giveaway for a  Target (200.00 Gift Card) 
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