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The Only Thing My Honest Heart Needs

Being sick as a blogger is a very bad thing, being sick as a blogger that takes daily outfit pictures is “blogstopping”, Seriously the lasy thing I feel like doing is get dressed let alone take pictures of myself.  To top off my misery, the boys and their band are in town and this is the first show I will have missed in Ottawa.  Life sucks ( oh yea did I mention yesterday I did not even turn my coputer on, pick up my IPad or my phone… I know holy cow..)
So I found myself searching through my drafts for outfit pictures maybe I did not use ( and did not have snow in them because that would have been wrong) This outfit seekmed fitting considering I am missing the show,
old navy black joggers

old navy boyfriend cardigan and joggers

white converse with zippers

honest hert tank and black joggers

Honest Heart Collective Tank and joggers
so to reassure you all the chipmunks are all safe and dry and now its time for the reason we are all here, the link up…
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