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Blissdom Bound as a First Timer

Today I am heading to Blissdom Canada for the very first time ( and sadly also the last as this Conference is no longer continuing as a Fall Conference, I will look forward to how they evolve but I am sad that I am a first timer and a last timer all at the same time)
joe fresh cardigan and lbd with yosa necklace

So just before I talk about my excitement and my anxiety about the conference lets just throw it out there that these pictures were not taken in the dead of the night…. these were at 7:20 A.M and those are sunrise not sunset glows you are seeing behind me.  Welcome the downside of Fall.  Yes we all love scarves and boots, and pumpkin spice.. but seriously 7:20 and this is how dark my pictures look?? ( and then the last few are the result of, after a long day at work lets rush home and catch that 4:30 light which does not appear that flattering, or maybe that is still the post pneumonia pasties) 
Target two tone boots and joe fresh cardigan

yosa necklace and konifer ceramic watch

Banana republic lbd and joe fresh cardigan with yosa necklace

yosa necklace and Target two tone boots
So back to the conference for a minute, am really excited but I am anxious ( a bit),  I seriously do not come across as an Introvert but to be honest I do feel shy sometimes about inviting myself into groups ( and it always seems that everyone else knows each other and I am that little wallflower in the corner.) This is not my first Conference, my first was BC Connected in Ottawa in 2014 and then I went to Spark in November in Toronto.  Both were amazing and I learned tons but sadly I did not participate in the evening festivities because I was by myself.  This time I have sworn I will force myself to go so if you are there and you see me backing towards the door grab me OK, make me stay out and play with everyone else ( cuz if I leave I will be back in my room with a glass of wine blogging about the conference instead of actually living in the moment.).  It is TIME for Linda to break out of her shell,  speaking of time have you noticed that beauty on my wrist??  Its a beautiful ceramic and wood watch from Konifer   Konifer is a Canadian Company with a conscience, they believe fully in maintaining an eco-responsible business model. How great is that
“At KONIFER WATCH, conservation of our natural resources is very important! That’s why, for each KONIFER product you purchase, we pledge to plant a tree via our partner WE FOREST! This is our way to give back to nature what it gives us so precious: WOOD! We strongly believe in eco-responsable business model”.
I love the watch and I love the fact that the company believes in giving back, hop over and take a look at what they have, I promise you will not be disappointed .
konifer ceramic watch and yosa posey necklace

yosa necklace and joe fresh cardigan and target two tone boots

joe fresh cardigan and target boots

and randomly jumping all over the place, let’s talk about my cedars for a minute, darn little thing is ruining my pictures.  It has grown and now the branch is in the way when I try to take pictures on the steps so guess what I have asked Kent to do while I am away.  ( A bloggers husbands work is never done LOL) 
target two tone boots

yosa posey necklace and joe fresh cardigan

black and brown joe fresh cardigan

black and brown boots

black and brown boots with joe fresh cardigan

fall sweater dressing

joe fresh brown and black cardigan

two tone target boots and LBD from Banana Republic with konifer watch

tweed cardigan and two tone boots
So stay tuned over the next few days as i bring you all of the exciting news from Blissdom Canada  and think of me hopefully not sitting alone pathetically drinking a glass of wine by myself.
On a positive note because I am driving in my own vehicle I have no luggage restrictions, so if you see me unloading a ton of suitcases just remember Blogger who posts outfits and holy crap is there anything more traumatic then being a blogger heading to a conference and trying to figure out what to wear…….