Loving Life after 50

I am 50+ and #Iwillwearwhatiwant

Last March I posted 10 things not to Wear after 50, I was trying to debunk the myths found in an …article I had read. Funny thing though the article did not state no bikinis,,, probably because that author never ever would have expected someone like me, so not only do I break all those rules i am totally prepared to break many more. 

No I am totally prepared to put it all out there, I have been in better shape and I am not going to be on the next edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but hell peeps I am 51 and I am still comfortable in my bikini. ( plus I have never found a one piece that I like, ever). Are you prepared to break the rules and wear what ever the heck you want??? Do you wear a bikini, or do you rock a Tankini, or a one piece strictly because its what you want not because society is telling you too?
( and totally thanking Catherine for making me bold enough to do this, especially due to the fact it was my sisters birthday ( her 50th) yesterday so outfit pictures may not have been taken.

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  • You rock the bikini! As I never sunbathe and I can't swim, I have very little use for swimwear… I got a one piece last year before a holiday just so I could try out the hotel whirlpool.