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Poncho Villa or How I Wear My Poncho

I Love clothes, pretty much everyone knows that about me and I love wearing different clothes but sometimes you get stuck on a piece and really don’t mid wearing it over and over again. That is how I feel about my Poncho, a great versatile piece that I continue to think of new ways to style ( I am thinking Boyfriend jeans next. I started with grey velvet jeans ( and red hair), moved to burgundy leggings for a contrasting look and finally we hit today.
Forever 21 Poncho,GH Bass Boots and Coach purse with a LBD

Poncho’s are funny, I mean seriously I loved them when I was 9 and now here I am 20 OK 42 years later and still fascinated.
( now forgive the really bad quality picture but in the 70’s we didn’t know it might be blurry until we sent it away for developing ( no instant gratification) Can’t you just picture the vibrant pink and brown… actually I think I am more partial to my sisters because it was white with green and yellow
 ( my fav colours) and lets not even talk about the lovely shag, thank god for blurry…..
Crochet ponchos from the early 70's
So fast forward and here we go, Poncho time again and coincidentally its also How I wear my Poncho with Jill and Adrienne so make sure you hop over and see how all the other fabulous bloggers are styling their ponchos and wraps. I know I can’t wait to see all of them. For me I thought I would try it with a LBD this time.
Forever 21 Poncho,GH Bass Boots and Coach purse

Grey Ponch with LBD and GH Bass Boots

Forever 21 Poncho,GH Bass Boots and multi strand necklace

Ceramic watch from Konifer
and how about this beauty of a watch, more on that next week
Forever 21 Poncho,GH Bass Boots and Coach purse
I found the LBD option is a great one, add tights and boots and I have an outfit perfect for work and then if we decide to head out for drinks or dinner or a date… well LBD is perfect. The addition of a long necklace and a contrasting purse make for a standout outfit ( in my eyes)
Dress-Banana Republic (similar), Poncho-Forever 21 (similar), Purse-Coach,(similar
Boots-GH Bass (similar), necklace-gifted (similar)
watch-Konifer (similar)
GH Bass Boots, Banana Republic LBD and Vera Wang necklace

Banana Republic LBD and Vera Wang necklace and GH Bass boots

Banana Republic LBD and Vera Wang necklace

strolling with a merlot coach bag

Poncho and LBD with boots

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