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Carnival Glory and a trip around the deck

exploring the Carnival Glory

Carnival Glory

Hard to believe it has been nine months since our last cruise ( and only 2 1/2 months till our next cruise) and I have yet to post anything about the ship, well that is going to change.  Sadly I had even resized all the pictures last spring but never actually posted them. So I have decided to do a cruise series, where we will explore the ship as well as the various ports, keep linking back each night for a different view of the ship and to explore the ports we visited. ( Virgin Islands, Peurto Rico, Grand Turk, Half Moon Quay, Cozumel, Mahogany Bay, Roatan and Grand Cayman plus Miami of course)
Today I am going to take you for a tour of the Carnival Glory Pool Deck, otherwise known as the Lido Deck. This was our second cruise, the first on the Conquest ( same class) so we were a bit better prepared. The first cruise we took I needed a balcony but for the second one I was fine with an inside cabin as long as I was on the Lido or Verendah Decks ( easy access to the pool area). I selected cabin 9292 which is the cabin closest to the pool deck, it was perfect because we could still easily slip outside to enjoy sunrise or sunset ( or grab your morning tea or coffee because there are not coffee makers in the rooms)

Carnival Glory in Half moon Quay

this is cruising on the Carnival Glory
 So first things first, make sure you carry on a swimsuit, coverup, sunscreen and flipflops, you want to be able to hit the Party deck as soon as you get on board but your luggage may take awhile. ( I was lucky and mine arrived right away but Kents did not show up till 4:00, so without our suits we would not have been happy)  We ignored the “don’t arrive at the terminal till after noon” and got there at 11:00 as a result we were on the ship by lunch. As seasoned cruisers ( haha 2nd cruise) we knew to hit the main pool deck and grab a few loungers, this place is hopping. The Cruise Entertainment crew are out in full force to get everyone in the party mood.
main pool deck on the Carnival Glory
So we may have grabbed a few loungers and then a Guy Fieri  burger ( a staple for our lunch time meals, but more on that when I talk restaurants)
Kent eating a Guy Fieri Burger on the Glory

So mid-ship is the main pool area, this is where the action is at, there is a pool on the main deck and two hot tubs.  Flanking the pool on each side is Red’s the Rum Bar and the Blue Iguana, the tequila Bar. The Movie screen is located at this pool. ( and there is also Guy’s Burger Spot and a Taco Bar and the main buffet Restaurant.  ( no need to wander far, grab a lounger by the pool and everything is at your fingertips)
main pool deck on the Carnival Glory

The water slide overlooks the Main Pool Deck and empties into a smaller pool that is also great for relaxing in ( and bonus there is a hot tub located beside this mini pool as well) There is also a gigantic Chess Board on this level, perfect for late afternoon mind games.
waterslide on the Carnival Glory

waterslide on the Carnival Glory

main pool deck on the Carnival Glory

Chess board on the Carnival Glory
Be prepared mid afternoon for the life boat drill, this is mandatory and they make sure everyone is off the decks before they start, it does not take long and I highly recommend you attend if this is your first cruise. (plus its a great way to meet more people as you are standing around joking about the Titanic and what you need to do) 

life boat drill on the glory

lifeboat drill on the Glory
Back to the deck for a restocking of our drinks 
waiter on the Glory
 and wow how great the pool area looks while everyone is still waiting for the elevators 
main pool on the Carnival Glory

coors light on the Glory

Blue Iguana Tequila Bar on the Carnival Glory
and then there may have been so deck dance lessons
dancing on the Carnival Glory

dancing on the Carnival Glory

dancing on the Carnival Glory

dancing on the Carnival Glory

dancing on the Carnival Glory

dancing on the Carnival Glory

pool deck on the Carnival Glory
if you explore around the ship there may be seemingly desserted spots.. WARNING on sea days the deck will not look like this it will be packed with people and chairs, highly recommend you get up early to grab some loungers, Do not be that couple/people who wander around at 1:00 and complain that they can’t get two. four, five seats together in the prime spots ( you are at sea people everyone is captive so premium seats go fast) 
deck on the Carnival Glory

This is the Adults only pool at the back of the ship, where you will also find the pizza bar and the deli ( and a bar of course), note there are waiters who wonder around very happy to get your drinks and food for you but I also recommend every so often you do get up yourself and get to know the bartenders, plus make sure you are still able to stand. The adult pool also has two hot tubs and the bonus here is no-one under the age of.. well I am not sure the exact age but no youngins
adult pool and hot tubs on the Carnival Glory

adult pool and hot tubs on the Carnival Glory

adult pool and hot tubs on the Carnival Glory

adults pool on the Carnival Glory
( do me a favour if you are parents and you take a cruise with your children do not think that because they are babies they should be the exception here, no kids means no kids, there is a whole ship with the exception of the very front and the very back that is unrestricted access so leave this little piece to those who are not traveling with young ones OK) 
The Pizza Bar serves pizzas and Ceasar salad  
Pizza Bar on the Carnival Glory
not to be forgotten for those who are into fitness and/or maintaining their exercise program there is a Track on the upper level of the ship ( plus a basketball court and a mini golf area)

Track on the upper level of the Carnival Glory

view of the slide on the Carnival Glory
Poolside entertainment each day 
Poolside entertainment on the Carnival Glory
I have to tell you I wasn’t sure about cruising, I mean I was always the All-inclusive resort vacationer, i weighed all the choices, factored in booze plans and no booze plans and I am a cruise convert.  Now price wise you cannot compare the cruise price to a three star all inclusive in Cuba because the food and the rooms are five star, so you may be able to get a cheaper vacation but nothing quite compares to a Carnival Cruise 
Mid ship on the Carnival Glory

main pool area on Carnival Glory
 Now the one spot we have not yet explored is the front of the ship or the Serenity Area but that deserves a post all its own, so stay tuned as I explore the Carnival Ships with you and hopefully give you enough of a preview that you decide to take a cruise yourself.