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Inexpensive Ways to Add Christmas to your Home

( a post I created for Brazen Woman last year but never shared here)

As much as I would love to toss out the old and purchase brand new everything each year, I am a bit of a realist ( and possibly a tad cheap). Christmas decorations can be very affordable,  hello Canadian Tire, but if you want to stay on trend it can get quite costly.  One needs to figure out new and innovative ways of incorporating what we have with what we would like to have.   Honestly there are a ton of great choices and varying style out there to chose from, as I am sure you recall from a Tree decorating post I wrote for Brazen Woman  How does one incorporate new trends without breaking the bank?

One terrific idea is creating a focal point in your window, with a simple curtain rod and a few non breakable ornaments you can create a statement that screams 2014.

Curtain of christmas balls

 Taking just a few bright coloured bulbs and tying them with coloured ribbon provides a Christmas Curtain at a very inexpensive price, plus who else will have one.  This can be done with an existing curtain rod or find that one window in your house that does not have a curtain,  kitchens and bathrooms are great for this and voila.

Christmas window

The addition of bright coloured bulbs in a new seasonal colour can truly update your homes decor in no time.  Add bulbs anywhere.
Have a bar cart,  add a few mini balls in holiday red or apple green, instant seasonal eye appeal.
Throw a few colorful straws is a glass
                  christmas bar cart
Take an existing lantern and throw in a few colourful balls.

christmas lanterns

If you are really desperate add a few seasonal bottles, money really well spent
christmas alcohol
Moving away from the Bar Cart, although why we would ever want to leave that area perplexes me.
Taking any tray or bowl that you have on hand add a few colourful ornaments and voila,
ready for Christmas

christmas balls
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  • I love the idea of hanging ornaments from the curtain rod! I hadn't thought of that!