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My Blogger Rant- This is Me and my REAL Life

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Story of a Real Blogger, unedited, unfiltered unstaged

Well I am probably one of the only people in the world not ooing and aahing over Essena O’Neil and her its not real rant.  Now please do not misunderstand me, I do feel sorry that she felt the need to push herself to the extremes that she did and that she felt the need to put on such an elaborate show for the world but I also want it known that not every blogger, nor every instagrammer, nor every vlogger is striving for unrealistic perfection nor portraying a fake life.
strolling down the street in VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater, MK purse and Forever 21 Boots

Please bear with me, there is a point to my madness, I have seen my facebook feed filled with Essena, and the news is filled with what a fake life we lead and how everything a blogger does is fake and contrived and it saddens me. Listening to her 17 minutes also saddened me, and kudos that she wants to give up the fake and accept the real and do some “good” but guess what the down side of her particular rant is the residual feelings left behind for those who wonder,am I supposed to feel bad?  and the fact that the world is being led to believe that every blogger/instagrammer/social media person is in a conspiracy to fool the world, the feeling that we lie and promote fake contrived lives….
How did you feel watching the video, did you applaud her comments, did you relate to what she was saying or did you think oh you poor girl why did you go down that path, or maybe you just felt a sadness that she believed that she had to be that person or look that way.  Whatever you felt, I am betting you FELT.  She definitely was successful in getting attention or drawing attention to the social media world ( and note I said the world not herself because I truly do not believe this was contrived on her part nor an overwhelming need to get attention, it was the heartfelt words of a girl who was troubled by where she was in life, and she has all my respect for being able to acknowledge what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be)
This issue got me thinking, partially because I have heard other more ” realistic” bloggers ( which will be my word for all now whether you facebook, instagram, google, youtube, tumble persicope, I don’t care what your medium of choice is for the purpose of this post lets just say bloggers ok) comment about how many pictures they take, and how long the editing takes and how long a post takes…. and then I looked internally and compare.
There is no question if I had to take 100’s of pictures each day to get one or a few I was happy with, or I felt the need to starve myself before I could take a picture then maybe I would feel the same way, For me this world I play in ( and yes I play in it because I also have a career that I love that pays my bills and for my toys).  For me, and big qualifier here, maybe its why she had 500,000 followers and I have 6000 ( nothing to do with she is 18 and I am 52 lol) I post what I wear, when I wear it and  most days its a photo-shoot that lasts five minutes at 7:30 in the morning, without the ” best light” or optimal light or whatever the heck you want to call it.
So for today here is a real look at shoot I had for this post ( and FYI this is what I wore to work on Wednesday Nov 4, 2015).
I hate getting up early so although the alarm goes off at 6:20 I do not get out of bed before 6:45 and then I have to rush to get showered, dressed, lunch ready, link up my post to my daily link ups, get my outfit pictures taken and commute to work ( for an 8:30 start) FYI I have a 30-45 minute commute depending on traffic so yep, photos at 7:30, 5-10 minutes tops.
Today I took a grand total of 18 pictures and all of them are featured here ( sorry for that) and with the exception of the five at the end, most I am happy with and would use in a normal post. I open them all in Picmonkey, (at night). I crop, and resize to 735 and maybe hit autoadjust, that is the extent. Now occasionally, I might hit eye brighten or try to lessen the two lines on my neck and oh yea my bottom tooth is discoloured because of a root canal so sometimes I even whiten it (OMG right) and that’s it folks, this is me in all my glory.  (For today I stuck to crop, resize, auto). 
So some days I have a great hair day and sometimes I wear a ponytail, or a bun or a braid.. sometimes I feel skinnier than others and sometimes the outfit I pick just does not look as great as I thought but I am a Fashion ( and other things) blogger. I believe I do this for real women to see a real woman. I believe when a company contacts me about a product ( and gosh yep they do) they want me to show you how it looks on me and thus you will imagine how great it might look on you.
I am no longer a size zero 110 pound 20 something or 30 something, I am a real honest to god boomer who is now a six and on a bad day an 8 ( and as an FYI that is a North American sizing for the stores like Old Navy and Target and j Crew and Banana Republic, not from high end designers)My diet is sometimes shit and sometimes great, I try to exercise although that too has sucked over the last year ( but I do wear the fitbit everyday and try hard to achieve my goals). 
When you see pictures of wine and beer on my Instagram you can be damn sure I am drinking it, the pizza delicious, the chocolate gone in 30 seconds. I do go to the places I post and I do make the crafts I show you. ( and I did all the crafts and the cookies and the hoarding of shoes and jewellery long before social media was even a thing)
I read blogs because I love reading what others are doing and dang it I love seeing your pictures. I am not expecting perfection in your life but I do hate it when your pictures are tiny or blurry. I do not believe your life is perfect but I believe you are showing us the positive of your life, and should’t  that be a positive lesson.  Focus on the good and the positive and let the negative go???? I wish we all could live our lives the way we live on our blogs, always seeing the best in each other, letting the negative go, laughing about the pinterest fails but glowing about the successes. We recognize that we are all unique and we are all different.
The only disclaimer I do have is I may not believe you are perfect but I need to believe that you are happy, I do not believe you have purchased everything you post but I have to believe that you believe in the product. I want to see that dress on you not on Cindy Crawford because there is a far better chance that you and I are more similar than Cindy and I ( darn it).  I need to believe if you made that cake, I to can make it, and I want to know if that vacuum really works or did it suck ( and not the way it was supposed to. 
Bloggers unite, if you are a blogger and you love what you do then spread the good word not the negative word, proclaim to the world that yes maybe you do blog for money or products but your integrity is intact, you believe in what you post and you believe in the power of word of mouth testimonials.
My name is Linda and I AM A REAL BLOGGER who is not afraid to show you my freckles ( and the wrinkles), follow me and I guarantee you may have a few laughs, a few groans and sometimes maybe even a tear but you can trust that where I take you is where I have been. 
Thanks for sticking with me and please come back again
VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Rickiès Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater and necklace, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

MK purse from Virgin Islands

VanHeusen Tweed sweater,Konifer Watch and Forever 21 Boots

tossing leaves in a VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

VanHeusen Tweed sweater, Tri coloured grey skirt and Forever 21 Boots

Konifer watch

Would not Use:
Blurry outtake
too blurry

Blurry picture of my outfit

MK purse                                                                           did not like
to dark picture
to dark and can’t see the watch 
unflattering selfie picture
unflattering to the extreme for me
So that is it folks, 18 pictures, all of them the real me and I am not ashamed or embarrassed at how I look and oh yea watch was a gift from Konifer and I proudly wear it (frequently).

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  • I find it really sad how a lot of bloggers feel like they have to portray this perfect life! It's so unattainable and quite frankly unattractive. I love getting on your blog and seeing a real person post a fashion blog!

  • Love this post, very raw! Your message about focusing on the best of ourselves and moving past the negatives is something I think ppl THINK they are doing…but not really achieving. You hit it right on the money! Love your authenticity 🙂