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Bee-Do, Bee-Do, A One in a Minions Evening

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Minions at Target

Happy Minions

It is a total movie month isn’t it, I mean I know December is known for being an awesome movie month, but 2015 is so far a stellar year for us.  December 8th the Minions movie was released on DVD and Target ( who never ceases to amaze me with their awesomeness) worked out the perfect arrangement and are offering a Collectors Tin that includes 40 minutes of minion extra’s. PLUS best part of all a PARTY PLANNER: Join the minions as they help you create a selection of fun party essentials inspired by the Minions movie. From invitations, to decorations, to recipes and everything in-between, the minions will help create the perfect party.

Target Shopping

They have included, mask invitations, Cup Sleeves, food ideas, game suggestions and even craft ideas. I mean I could list it all out but wouldn’t it be more fun to get your own copy and explore the party yourself?
I seriously cannot contain my excitement on that one people, I mean hello parties and me and planning, well… enough about a party, this weekend was truly only about the movie and watching it
 ( but you may want to run to Target and get your copy now because I know in Watertown I am pretty sure I got the last copy but never fear, you can order it on line as well)

Movie Night

So movies and popcorn are pretty standard in our house, but I may have gone slightly overboard with minion containers and blue chocolate guitar and music notes but what the heck it’s the holiday season.
Minions movie night with Target

Minions movie night with Target

I also figured fancy straws and koozies would help make the movie night even more spectacular because hello since when is just watching a movie enough. OK just watching is actually always enough but I am an over the top kind of person so let’s get into the theme right, plus Stuart plays guitar so he may now be my all time fav minion and therefore we needed to celebrate his entrance into our family.
Minions movie night with Target
Minions movie night with Target
Minions movie night with Target
Minions movie night with Target
While I was at Target to pick up my movie I had a chance to wander around, like that ever happens right, and hello hannah there is one awesome selection of minion merch just in case you need anything. For me I was also able to pick up all my craft supplies, straws and maybe a few other fun things.. because well it’s Target.
Target shopping
Minions Koozies

Koozies for Milk Jars

How cute are these minion koozies? and the best part is they slip on and off  to allow you to wash the milk bottles and reuse them over and over again.  I used foam board in yellow and blue. and they really are easy to make. ( I have included a picture collage to follow)
1) Fold a yellow sheet in half to find the middle
2) using the bottle mark a circle in the middle and cut out slightly larger than the circle
3) Keep circle in case you wish to make a minion face
4) Cut the blue foam length wise and then cut out a large rectangle ( judge by eye)
5) fit the blue piece over the yellow to see if you are happy with the sizing, this is the minions overalls.
6) Slide the yellow foam over the milk bottle and press down, this is like wrapping a present
7) Keep the folds loose enough so the foam can slide off
8) using hot glue, attach the sides together
9) slide the blue foam over the yellow and attach with the glue
10) for added fun I cut out little “pockets” and glued them to the front
( I made minion faces but I preferred the look of the bottles without them,)
I also made minion straw flags that can easily be attached to blue or yellow straws, they are double sided, “Minions” on one side for the movie and then there are three sayings, I make the Rules, I break the Rules and Rules Don’t Apply, each representing Kevin, Stuart and Bob.
Minion Milk Jar Koozies

Straw Flags

Minion Straw Flags
Minions movie night with Target
As a special bonus if you go now, Target has a deal going on right now for the release of Minions.They’re offering a free $5 gift card with the purchase of any Minions Blu-Ray and DVD combo Metal Pak, a Target exclusive product (shown above that includes 40 minutes of Target exclusive content. ( and my gift card was a minion card, double yea)
So have you seen the movie yet? Do you plan a special evening for special movies? I would love to hear about any special treats you may prepare. Share your minion stories with me.
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