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Croissant Wreath for Christmas

Holiday Croissant Wreath
Every year since we have moved to Ottawa ( and actually even kent’s last year in Thunder Bay) we have hosted an Open House. It started off as a celebration and get together over the Christmas week but then morphed into an event just prior to. We have always tried to hold it when the boys would be in town to be perfectly frank, more fun when we have helping hands right.

So digressing totally from the point of my post, each year at the Open House I have been creating some type of food centerpiece and the last few years that has been the awesome Christmas tree. (here for details). Well this year I was wanting to try something a little different 1) no-one wants to be the first to start dismantling the tree so usually i end up tossing it afterwards (so sad) and 2) have you seen the price of broccoli and cauliflower in Canada ( darn dollar and drought).  Seriously we are up to 5.99 a head, so I ask you considering the fact I need about 6 heads of broccoli and one of cauliflower ( small heads here) is a centerpiece really worth 40.00+, ( that cartoon is so true, I can buy it for 10.00 but make it for 80.00 lol)

2015 was my year for change, Kent posted this totally awesome veggie cabin on my facebook and I went hell ya, this is the year of the cottage.I found the instructions on Pinterest, I purchased carrots, celery, cucumbers and cream cheese and I started creating….well epic pinterest fail ( post coming soon), to such an extent I didn’t even take a picture.Here is the issue, carrots were not told they needed to be perfectly shaped carrots ( so i guess I should have picked up the package from Costco of the perfectly manufactured 8 inch baby carrots, yea who knew babies could be 8 inches right).My carrots had curves ( kindof like most of us) and no matter how hard I tried I could not get a cabin that looked like this picture, I had one really breezy log cabin with inch gaps in between my logs, and I am telling you that was not going to be my centerpiece at the open house.
pinterest fail

SOOOOOOO Pinterest to the rescue, even though she had just failed me, I still had hope that we could be friends, and then I found it, a Wreath..  and keep in mind we are now Saturday morning of the open house so time was a bit of an issue. This is a pretty fail safe option, honestly it really is. 
I made this so quickly I forgot to take pictures but i will verbally walk you through
2 cans pillsbury croissant rolls, one red pepper, small amount of broccoli and my cheater a small container of Hell’ofa Good dip.(onion).  You could use Sour cream, cream cheese, garlic and a few other spices and make your own covering but why not stick to simple and easy)
Pop the two packages of Pillsbury and keep in log shape,  cut each into 8 circles and place on Pizza pan.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes, slice and dice the broccoli and pepper ( and if you are really creative cut a quarter of your red pepper into a bow, really easy)
broccoli and red peppers
remove from oven and then slather the rolls with your dip ( this gets messy)
scatter the broccoli and red peppers over your wreath, add bow.
Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli
Gently using a paper towel clean off the excess dip from the pan
Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli and dip
gather a few extra ornaments and place them in the center of your wreath
Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli for a festive table
Place on table and dig in.

Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli for a centerpiece

Holiday Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli

Christmas Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli

Easy Christmas Croissant wreath with red peppers and broccoli

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  • This is just gorgeous! You could even vary the recipe by turning it into a pizza ring. Use marinara sauce as the dip, and then top with green olives, pepperoni or red peppers! Also I did discover chopped broccoli in the freezer section of my grocery store which may help save time.