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Lou’s Christmas and some random snaps

Little Lou had a hectic Christmas season and just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy New Year,  she is to busy catching up on her sleep to want to write and in depth post but she did share a few thoughts with us.
Lou and her Catmas Christmas in 2015

Hey folks, hope you had an awesome holiday, me it was Ok till my mom and dad decided to leave me behind when they went to Nashville ( and they even went to see the boys and left me behind, that bothered me the most cuz I really miss them)  Well I fixed them and left a few surprises for their return, yep I always work myself into a dizzy so I can leave unpleasant surprises, its their punishment.

Lou in her Makers Mark Christmas scarf 4

Lou in her Makers Mark Christmas scarf 3

Lou in her Makers Mark Christmas scarf 2

Lou in her Makers Mark Christmas scarf

Plus mom was trying to dress me up over the holidays, maybe someone should let her know that like all girls I like to pick out my own clothes so in the future maybe she should take me with her shopping not just give me scarves sent by random bourbon companies ( although thanks Makers Mark for the cute scarf)
And lets just talk about the silly hat she did buy, with a beard, really Mom was that necessary, a cute little headband would have been far cuter…..
Lou in her Christmas Hat 6

Lou in her Christmas Hat 4

Lou in her Christmas Hat 5

Lou in her Christmas Hat 3

Lou in her Christmas Hat 2
Well it only took a few minutes but I managed to figure out how to get it off and then decided maybe I would hide out in my new bag for a bit, I mean wouldn’t you be embarrassed if your mom made you wear a hat and beard?
Lou in her Christmas Hat

Lou removing her Santa hat

lou hating her hat

Lou hiding in her #RBCAvion bag
Christmas day was exhausting so dad and I decided to take a nap together, its a thing in our house.. we like cat napping together.. 
Lou catnapping on Christmas Eve and Day

These decorations are kind of cool, lots of extra toys to play with but I sure will be happy when this unclimbable tree gets moved and my cat tree gets put back where it belongs, this cardboard box is just not the same thing at all, I can barely see the squirrels out the window.

Lous window perch

I really do love the chair covers though, way better traction then the wood and isn’t red my colour?
Lou playing Puss in Boots and again on the hind legs
and Chirstmas means World Junior Hockey so if you don’t find me watching on dad’s lap you will find me here in my favourite perch, its the perfect viewing spot. ( Mom tried to get my picture while I was watching but hello what girl do you know that prefers a back view picture vs a chance to smile for the camera.

Cat watching world junior hockey

So there is is, lots of fun bags and boxes, a displaced cat tree and a vacation without me…. now forgive me I have to go figure out a way to sneak into their suitcase cuz I hear they are leaving me again in February for 18 days.
Happy New Year Folks.

Merry Christmas from Lou the Cat