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OpenHouse 2015

our annual open house
Happy New Years Day and I thought I would just give you a pictorial of our open house.  Like everything else I do in life, my open hopuse may seem a bit crazy to some but it works for me.

open house at Christmas

This year my veggie  tree became a wreath and veggie cups and I am telling you the cups work, they went like hot cakes only way healthier for you.
veggie cups 2

veggie cups 3

veggie cups

veggies at the open house
 A Few desserts
christmas desserts at the open house3

christmas desserts at the open house

christmas desserts at the open house

christmas desserts at the open house
A Ritz Turkey
ritz and pepperoni turkey 2

ritz and pepperoni turkey
Cheese tray
slate cheese tray
Coke Meatballs and apps
christmas serving plates

slate cheese plate

christmas open house table 3

christmas open house table 2

christmas open house table

openhouse table setting 2

openhouse table setting
a new Bar area, what a great use for a main floor laundry room right, and I much prefer beer and wine to wash or dry.
wine serving area
and this year a Hot Chocolate and coffee  service area. ( to be featured later)
hot chocolate bar

So enjoy your New Years Day, I am hopefully shopping at the outlet stores in Nashville after a Kings of Leon outdoor concert and NYE Celebration in the Music City