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HomeSelfe App

My home took the HomeSelfe App

I have recently become an APP freak,  and I mean that in the best way.. it means I have finally started to use my IPhone and IPad to help make me more effective, efficient and knowledgeable. Seriously why pay for this technology if I am not going to take advantage right? Well this week I came across a Home Selfe app for my computer ( yep sounds just like you think it would and how cool is that)
An App for my computer that will help me evaluate my home and help me safe money

Home Selfe App

The app is really simple to use, you register and then the app first asks you questions about your home.
It needs your address ( this is basically so it brings up electric companies in your area as it wants to know who you use).  You key in What type of home you have ( single dwelling), How many bedrooms (5), how many Occupants (3), square footage, (I always gess this oops). How much you average on gas, electric, and water. It then takes you to a house screen and you click on the various rooms to answer some basic questions.
Home Selfe App 1
In the kitchen as an example, click on an appliance and it asks, how old, is it an energy saver… pretty easy so far right? When you have clicked on all the options in each room it checks it off and then you go to the next room.

Home Selfe App 2
It also includes options for A/C’s and Pools to really evaluate effectively.  I quickly jumped through each room of the house and then I was done, I clicked on my selfe report.

Home Selfe App 3

 For my, the savings was not really high becuase we have only been in this home for a few years and most of our appliances are less than 5 years old, plus new windows, new water heater and relatively new furnace.  I would have loved to try this app with my old home in Saint John, it was 120 years old and used oil heat… hmmmm bet it would have had really different results.

Home Selfe App 4
Full disclaimer here, the app did not like my Canadian postal code so I used one from Pottsdam and a NY Power Company to give me n estimate.
Homeselfe is fun, easy, and free.

Homeselfe has worked in partnership with local, state, and the nation’s largest public utilities to develop a tool that is easy to use, free, and gets results for your home—and your wallet.
With a patent pending technology in the form of a free app, Homeselfe allows you to create a digital mock up of your home with a simple questionnaire you can answer at your own pace. Once your Homeselfe is complete, you’ll instantly receive a free, easy-to-read report that provides a clear picture of your home’s energy efficiency, where you need to improve, and what upgrades take priority.

Homeselfe also helps you take action. It connects you with qualified local contractors, and provide information on special offers and rebates provided by your local government, so you can quickly earn money back on your upgrades, and start reaping the long-term benefits sooner.
Try it out, you will not be disappointed. and for even more exciting news from now till  the end of the month, Homeselfe will be giving away (4) $250 gift cards to Home Depot to help make improvements on your home to save $$$ and energy!   Just complete a #homeselfe and then enter, it is so easy and hello who couldn’t use 250.00 from Home Depot.