Loving Life after 50

Little Hippie, Boho Throw Back

It’s Monday, do you ever sit back and wonder exactly where the weekend went?  I do that a lot, those weekends I get lots done and even those that I sat around netflix binging but inevitably I sit back and wonder where the heck did 48 hours disappear to and should I have been more productive

One minute it was Friday and I was heading to work, in this amazing Target vest and one of the pairs of boots I just got from Shoe Dazzle and the next minute its Sunday night and I am trying to figure out what did I do and what am I wearing tomorrow.

I actually had a productive weekend, got my house cleaned, decorated for St Particks Day, created a few blog posts and wait for this one…. I re-did my Pinterest Boards to give them a common look and feel.  Lets see if that really does anything to increase followers.

Have you done this,  do you have a common look and feel?? I wish there was an easier way to re-arrange the boards other than drag and drop.  Drag and drop works well with a limited amount of boards but I seem to have that particular number that makes this process more painful.  I also for some reason had a heck of a time changing the covers, some boards I had to redo the process 4 or 5 times.  It was totally worth it thought because I love how it looks ( now is only Pinterest would let us create a cover picture for the whole site, how sweet would that be

Pinterest has lately been one of my favourite social medias and its like I am back in my pre-blogging days where I just spend hours surfing and pinning.  I still have not figured out how me loving to pin will help my blog but I am willing to make the sacrifice.

Anyone able to explain in 20 words or less the link between great pinning and board traffic?? I know it all makes sense if I only pin from my blog, that I understand. but the other pins seem more just for my enjoyment.

Outfit details: Dress- Banana Republic, Vest/Duster- Target, Boots- Shoe Dazzle, Necklace- Yosa