Loving Life after 50

Travel Days are Consistent

Monday my travel day, its a pretty consistent costume.. I always grab a LBD, comfy leggings and boots, throw on a cardi and I feel like I can travel anywhere. Plus it keeps me warm on any airplane.

Arrived in Edmonton to snow, really people I am so over this weather and now it appears they are calling for 30 cms on Thursday in Ottawa. I think I am going to cry I just want winter over, is that to much to ask…. Is any one else suffering “Instaenvy” its that jealous feeling that grabs hold of you as you are scrolling through Instagram and see all those people in sandals and pastels and shorts and n0o coats… you know what I am talking about don;t you?

Instaenvy is real people, and it is turning me green… OK pastel green in keeping with the #wewant2springforward theme but still green. For now I am still in blacks and browns, and tights and boots and ironically wearing the same thing I wore a year ago damn you time hop

Bit scary when you realize your closet is on a one year cycle, this is the third time this month my time hop has the same outfit I am wearing, very eerie.

wearing my Banana Republic LBD, Joe Fresh Cardi, Giant Tiger Tights, 
Target Boots and my Yosa Necklace
Heading home tomorrow after a successful work trip and a great visit with family.

  • I love your look and it makes me feel much better about mine. I always wore bright colours, but since losing my eye sight I didn't want to be clashing all over the place so I've changed to a black wardrobe with bright colours scarves. I've wondered what I'm going to do in the summer, and we'll see, but my black base and colourful accessories is working well for me and is clearly on trend because look at you. #brillblogposts