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City Market in Saint John

It first opened in 1876 and  the City Market has withstood the test of time – from The Great Fire of 1877 which devoured the city around it only a year after it opened, to the twentieth-century urban renewal that built a brand new city right outside the iron gates.

The Market is iconic in my mind, it stands for all that Saint John was, is and will be. The architecture is spectacular and reminiscent of the era and the area. I have been exploring the market all my life and I still find new and wonderous things every time I go back.

A full city block in length, the Market runs downhill from the “head of the Market” on Charlotte Street, gently sloping to the Germain Street entrance, a full 10 feet below. The market has the same gate at both entrances and these gates have been there since 1880. Crafted from heavy wrought iron, their graceful design is a tribute to the skill and artistry of the local blacksmith who created them.

In the nineteenth century Saint John was one of the world’s leading shipbuilding centers, so it is no surprise that the roof of the City Market resembles the inverted keel of a ship. Hand-hewn timbers and dove-tailed joints that have stood fast for more than century attest to the skill and experience of the builders. Fortunately, the Great Fire of 1877 left the market building undamaged. 

I would urge you to read up on the City Market and all it has to offer. Check out the  amazing vendors what they offer and when they are there, because some of them are not there every day.











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The ringing of the Market Bell every morning and evening, a tradition at the City Market, signals opening and closing of the day’s business. Today the keeper of that tradition is the Deputy Market Clerk who oversees day to day affairs.
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