Loving Life after 50

There’s an App (Pad) for That

I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records, or at least get a new entry in the Linda’s Book of Records… I just made a road trip to Saint John for my Nana’s funeral and in the 11 hour car trip I only had to stop 4 times…. its a bloody miracle and it had nothing to do with the fact that  “I had a pad for that” , OK maybe it did. Now you are probably thinking what the heck is she talking about? Well back in the Fall in a blog post I thought I was pretty clever thinking of a new hashtag campaign for Always Discreet, apparently only I thought I was clever though because no-one is beating down my door for my hashtag ideas as opposed to how often I am beating down the door because ….. 

 Seriously though folks, it is a feat for me to be able to travel that distance and not have to worry about stopping every twenty minutes or embarrassing myself.  Luckily now I have a few special pads at my disposal that allow me to relax on long journeys. Always Discreet has been really working hard at getting the conversations started, to show women that its OK to talk about Pee, to accept we no longer have perfect bladders ( or maybe never had a perfect one). We do not have to be the twelve year old girl buying tampons and feeling embarrassed. Ever wonder why its not embarrassing for a mom to buy diapers for her child regardless of age but if we need to buy ‘Pee Pads” we feel shame.  Pee is natural, it happens to all of us and some of us more frequently then others. Its a Fact of Life so let’s move on and get over it.  Are ya with me??               

I am still not quite shouting it from the rooftops, actually yes I am because if I blog its just the same as shouting from the rooftops right?? Well pee is not cool yet but soon it will be, OK maybe not cool but it will be acceptable. The more open we are, the more acceptable it will be. 

And to help us with the acceptance, Always Discreet sponsored the National Woman’s Show in Ottawa April 16-17 as well as the upcoming show in  Montreal April 29, 30 and May 1st.  how is that for a bold move in talking about PEE and empowerment? 
I am heading down to the show to get some positive reinforcement that I am Woman, Hear me Roar 
(and tinkle at times), want to join me? Plus I hear they have some pretty amazing gift bags that just may include a few great Always Discreet samples for you
…. I would love to stay and chat but hey its been twenty minutes so………
I created this blog post as a paid ambassador for Aways Discreet.  All opinions and advice ( and pee issues) are my own and I only work for companies I genuinely love or have used prior to my being contacted.