Loving Life after 50

Embracing my Inner Red head and sporting some Orange.

 Do you ever love a colour but think nah, its not me I could never pull that off? Well that would be me and Orange. My family is filled with Redheads and ” autumns” but I was always the Blond “summer” palette child. I always loved the colour but figured I could never pull it off.

 Then came the day I dyed my hair red and thought I would take a chance. It started with this summery dress from Target, one of those after summer sales that I figured if I wore it with some neutrals it would work (here) and then I ordered the Orange Blazer from Shein and realized maybe I can wear this colour. Plus it is great for all seasons not just Autumn.  So with humidity rising and summer full on upon us, I decided I would embrace the “fall” side of me, plus any excuse to wear these shoes because they are so very comfortable ( and even my converse had the orange and green stripe)

Sandals-Shoe Dazzle, Converse, Watch C/O Jord, Blazer C/O Shein, Dress-Target, Braid by Me