Loving Life after 50

Happy May and where did my Sun Go.

 Its May, that means its pool opening season but I think someone might want to tell Mother Nature. I think she may have her days confused. I mean I get that its a no coat day but the last few years this day has meant bare legs, sandals and sipping on sunshine in the backyard.

   Soooo because I cannot show you my open pool, one because its not open and two because its greenish because Kent dumped the winter water accidentally in when he removed the cover, today we will focus on my new hair do and my new porch signs.  Does that sound acceptable? Plus I want to rush you through this post so you go catch my little Lou in her blog debut.

Friday was my hair do Day so of course I hair did..  its pretty basic, minuscule trim, touch up the roots and re “red” the underside, cuz I am still liking the two tone look. Doesn’t look a lot different but it feels great. Then we have m,y two new porch signs and a new welcome mat. I really am trying to force spring into visitng.
Sadly that’s all i have today folks, started the new job and man I am wiped, not sure why other than lack of sleep Sunday, maybe a bit of nerves and all those first day jitters, hmmm guess I do know why I am tired.

Pulled out an old suit I found at Zellers years ago which I love butttt it appears my upper arms have gotten bigger and then lots not even mention what happened to my chest in this top.  Time to get summer ready I think.

 Suit-Zellers ( similar), Blouse and Tank-Old Navy ( similar), Boots-F21 (exact) Necklace-Zellers
Signs- Michaels (similar)

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