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Not Another Tie and time for a little twist

Its a new day and a new era, Ok maybe not really a new era but I fell behind in my outfit pictures last week in Yellowknife so I thought I share something a little different, how about a Male OOTD to really liven things up.

I know how different but then again, when the guy I am writing about is over the top happy about his way early Fathers Day present then why shouldn’t I share right.

Old Navy Linen Shirt, Haggar Denims, Sandals -Margueritaville (similar), Watch C/O Jord
Jord Watch. whom I am relatively positive you have heard about by now, and if not it means you have not been reading my blog very long because I am pretty sure I mention them at least every other post.. well Jord Watch has come out with a limited edition Delmar just in time for Father’s Day and lucky me, I was offered a chance to “test Drive” one.  Well knowing how much Kent loves his Sully in green Sandlewood, I thought he would love a custom Delmar.  It probably took me hours to figure out what I wanted but eventually I settled on the Bamboo with the Navy face. To me this was the very perfect “not just another tie”  Fathers Day Gift. 

Truly how spectacular is this watch, not to mention the packaging. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Well of course me being me meant as soon as the box arrived I had to open it, and then as soon as I saw it in person I knew I would not be able to wait till June to give him his present, June is like months away and I was expected to keep a secret that long… not going to happen. Well to be perfectly honest. it was as big a hit as I expected it to be. Sad fact though instead of a Fathers Day gift , the watch has now become a ” Gifting your Guy” kind of occasion. ( and there is nothing at all wrong with just gifting your guy to show him how special he is, but now I have to find another Dad’s Day Gift for June)
Kent has been wearing his watch continually since I gave it to him and everyone, I mean seriously everyone is mesmerized by it when they see it. It is a piece of art. It’s the first watch he has left on when he gets home from work, he said it is so lightweight you don’t even notice you are wearing a watch.


 Around the yard, at work, at dinner and heck even when stopping for donuts on the way to Toronto that Jord just keeps popping up. So if you are looking for something a little different hop over and check the selections out yourself trust me you will not regret it.

 J Crew Shirt, Haggar Denims, Shoes-Sorel(similar) and Watch C/O Jord

To celebrate the launch of the new series I’ve partnered with JORD to give  away a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $35 each! The cards can be used for a new Delmar Drift color series, or for a custom Delmar – designed by you! ! There is a limited quantity available, so redeem now and use before  July 1st, 2016. Just enter the code  DRIFTalabouroflife35  at checkout for your 35.00 off

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