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Old Navy Linen and finally a new Camera

 You may recall that I was a tad bit whiny on Friday about the demise of my favourite camera. My DSLR gave up the ghost totally unexpectedly in the middle of my outfit session. I tried to get it fixed t was told a repair would be costlier then the camera so what the heck was I to do?? Go Camera shopping of course.  The only probalem with camera shopping unexpectedly is I really wasn’t planning on a new camera so that meant  really did not want to break the bank.

Saturday after we finished bottling our wine ( that post is coming I promise) I convinced Kent to take me to Best Buy to see what was available. My list is pretty short, I loved my Canon Rebel XS but it is a really old model and did not have infrared so no remote. My next camera needed to have a remote. ( or so I thought).  I found a Canon I loved for a great price but no infrared and then Kent spotted a Nikon.  It was the Nikon CoolPix with wireless but no infrared so I really wasn’t sure….the wireless really intrigued me though and guess what there is a remote app that works on your phone that acts like a remote. I figured isn’t a wireless camera a bloggers best friend? Eventually I may decide I want to get more “photo” knowledgeable but for today I have reverted to auto mode with a wireless camera and I am loving it.

This is a picture taken from my front steps zooming across the street to my neighbours front flower bed, incredible detail. So I will keep experimenting with my new toy.

For an outfit well slight cheat today because these pictures were taken Friday with my old Nikon point and shot. Having fun with Old Navy again, pairing my last years linen stripped blazer with this years linen plaid dress. Sticking with the converse cuz the ankle is still causing me some angst.

Dress-Old Navy (exact), Blazer- Old Navy (similar), Converse (exact), Bag- Kate Spade (similar), Necklace Posh Little K (similar)

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