Loving Life after 50

A Summer filled with Jumpsuits and That Blazer

  Monitoring the pictures I have posted in the last two weeks I think I may have developed a love affair for this Linen Blazer. I am pretty confident that I have discovered the 101 ways to wear a blazer.

 Linen Blazer and converse in any colour, could this be my 2016 Uniform? Today I paired it with my Target Jumpsuit, officizing it ( my new word for making office appropriate) Today was one of those work days that I knew I would be running all over, got my 10000 steps in my noon ( yea me). I did have to be warm weather appropriate as the heat wave continues.  This jumpsuit is light enough to keep me cool and with the linen blazer over top, it works for meetings and still stays cool. I  cannot wear sunglasses with my glasses so my Fedoras are a live saver.

  Braids and Fedoras are another staple in my life. The hat keeps my eyes shaded and my head protected but a braid is an additional necessity. Wish I had gotten a better braid picture for you though. Today I merged a swedish braid, a french braid and a fish tale into one side swept hairdo.  I do love playing with hair..

Blazer-Old Navy, Jumpsuit-Target, Converse, Fedora-Carnival, Necklace-Aritizia