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Blue Gingham and a Labour of Fashion Link Up

 Its Thursday and before I go any further I have to ask did you check out my Margarita Pie recipe from yesterday? Such a simple and easy no bake recipe, try it out and tell me what you think.

So today I lasted a few hours in my wedge heels and then the ankle went poof again.  So I am trying to be practical and I always take flats with me to work ( actually I wear them to work and then wear the heels for a few hours)  I know the really practical people out there are thinking if I was really practical I would still have it wrapped and be wearing flats always… I am being Linda Practical. Pulled out the gingham checked summer dress again, such a gorgeous summer day,

Its funny that you can wake up with a normal ankle and then just  few hours sitting at my desk and walking around the office can cause the swelling to reappear. Guess this one was a little more serious.
Bit achy but on the road to recovery.

So I just found out I won tickets to Polo in the Park,  how cool is that?

Polo in the Park Ottawa takes place in the beautiful Wesley Clover Parks in Nepean, fifteen minutes outside of downtown. Watch action-packed polo matches interspersed with dog agility and horseback riding demonstrations. Away from the arena, the parks will feature children’s entertainment including horse rides, bouncy castle, face painting, and more! The adults can enjoy shopping at many boutiques, food concessions for everybody’s taste buds, and a refreshment area.
In the tradition of polo matches worldwide, we’ll be hosting a Hat Contest. Come decked out in a head-turning hat and you might win!
Its a great fundraiser with all proceeds going to 
THE WABANO CENTRE FOR ABORIGINAL HEALTH offers structured services and programs that benefit the Ottawa Aboriginal Community:
Health and Wellness
  • Enhanced health services for women and their families including pre and post-natal support, along with diagnostic services such as mammograms and ultrasounds.
  • Aboriginal cultural-based outreach programs, after school programs, family counseling, life skills development specific to youth, and community development initiatives.
  • Expanded community health services including diabetes care, chronic disease prevention and management, seniors support, addictions support, and homelessness outreach. 
Social Enterprise
  • Employment and skill development for youth, women, and the broader community through specific social enterprises (i.e. catering and fashion).
  • Entrepreneurship training and workshops to enable the creation of new art for the community and a space to highlight Aboriginal culture.
  • A cultural meeting space for the neighbourhood and broader community that highlights Canada’s unique identity through Aboriginal design.
  • A premier gathering space available for celebrations, conferences, and workshops.
  • Training and cultural education for organizations, medical students, and the broader community.and
The THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA CARLETON (TROtt) has been providing therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults with primarily physical, developmental and learning disabilities for over 40 years. TROtt supports the Canadian standardization of therapeutic riding instruction and has CanTRA and Equine Canada certified instructors. In February 2010, TROtt was awarded Bronze Accreditation Status by CanTRA.
 TROtt provides programming for children and adults with conditions such as cerebral palsy, developmental delay, spina bifida, stroke, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, amputees, sensory integration dysfunction, learning and language disabilities, Down Syndrome, and visual impairments.
 TROtt’s very special, well-behaved horses are chosen for their temperaments. They are carefully selected and trained, which enables TROtt to provide a safe, structured, goal-oriented program that includes physical, social, cognitive and educational activities.
Thinking it will be a pretty awesome day, now with a quick change of my shoes… lets hop over to the link up

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