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Fashion Mia and The 33

Well so much for a brilliant and witty post today, after a lovely dinner outside, a cooling swim and some take care of plant time, I sat down at my computer and started to edit pics, think of topics and then…… Kent put The 33 on. Well heck who can focus on blogging when a great movie is on?

  Seems so totally frivolous creating an outfit post while watching how 33 miners survived for almost three months underground.  What a story, and what an amazing outcome.  I was shocked at the callousness of the company at the beginning but it truly shows the importance of standing your ground when you know you are right. Thank heavens for strong supportive families. Have you seen the movie? My only bitter comment is the inaccuracy of the Canadian connection, real fact here, plan a and c both had Canadian Connections and we did not pull out, we kept drilling.  Plan B cut through first but plan C run by a Calgary Drilling Company kept drilling till the rescue started in case a second hole was needed.  So did I impress you with my insider knowledge?

So now I sit here late into the evening, my movie has ended, its time for bed and I need to get my post done….. darn it Linda you really need to plan ahead.

So how’s this outfit? My awesome dress from Fashion Mia this time with converse to preserve the ankle.  I really am in love with this dress, honestly what’s not to love, linen and pockets and I think I may want the Blue one now. I added a black rose necklace, truly keeping it simple today. Have you checked out Fashion Mia yet? I truly cannot say enough good about this company, quick delivery, everything was sized as indicated on the site and best of all looked exactly like it was supposed to.

I have one more amazing dress I cannot wait to share, I haven’t yet had an opportunity to wear it as it is not an office dress but I am getting so anxious I may just bust it out this weekend to dazzle Kent for a couples dinner. Do me a favour and let me know what you think about this site. I have a list of wish list items I am looking at ordering.

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