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Kitchen of MyDreams

Kitchen of Dreams

Life is funny, growing up if you had asked me what the most important room in my home would be I am pretty confident I would not have picked Kitchen, closet maybe but not Kitchen. Then I grew up and I do not know what switch got turned on but Kitchens became my passion

We re-located to Ottawa in 2007 and waited 10 months before we made the decision to buy.  One would think finding a house when you were not already encumbered by a house would be easy, especially if you were not married to a particular area.  47 homes in 22 days that’s what we visited.  My needs were not extreme, well at least not in my mind,, I needed a Pool, a dining room, at least two bathrooms and a kitchen I loved.  Sounds simple right?

We found an awesome house in an awesome neighbourhood but it almost didn’t happen because I fell in love with the kitchen of the second home we visited.  I was so stuck on that kitchen that I almost purchased a house.

I love my kitchen today, really I do but it is not the one of my dreams. My cupboards are Oak and I dream of white, I do not have an Island with bar stools, I have a cool oak table that is attached to the counter,  its cool bit its not my Island.  My walls are a tinge of green and my counter is blah, I want granite and red accents…  my appliances are white and I want, well now here is the kicker, I always thought I wanted stainless until there was slate.

Its true GE has created a new line of Slate and how perfectly beautiful are these? Now I am picturing my white cupboard with granite counter top all framing Slate Appliances. Do you have a dream kitchen?

I probably shouldn’t complain, I mean I have a great guy who loves to cook in this kitchen by wouldn’t it be great to give him a #gemakeitslate kitchen. Well imagine my joy when I found out BlogPodium was partnering with GE to run an amazing contest.

Our friends at GE Appliances want to help you get closer to the kitchen of your dreams. As a proud sponsor of BlogPodium, GE Appliances will be giving one lucky BlogPodium attendee their choice of one GE appliance from the Slate collection!

Well darn touting I want in on this action, fingers crossed that I can win a Slate Refrigerator from GE for the Cook of my eye.