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Three Dogs Winery and a first Visit

This week I am at an amazing influencer event at Casino Rama so I thought just in case I am to bust for my regular posts I would for once in my blogging life be prepared. This week I am flashing back to early July when we took the kids on their first Winery Tour. What a tine we had, fourteen wineries, one cider company and one craft beer spot,  add on three wood fire pizza locations, an overnight stay… well I am sure you are figuring out we had a pretty cool time.

Our first stop was Three Dogs Winery,  we picked this one because not only do we love their wines but hello DOGS…  Hailey was not a huge wine fan but she is a huge animal lover so just in case we could not convert her to the wonders of wine we figured she would love the dogs.  Sadly the dogs were not in that day because they were bottling but on a happy note Hailey now loves wine.

The boys love wine ( wonder where they got that from) and we knew Chels was a convert and now well, Hailey is a wine connisseur.

We have stopped at Three Dog before, a wonderful boutique vineyard.  We were trying to show the kids the benefits of the smaller vineyards, nothing against larger scale but there is something special about hitting a vineyard where the owners have vested everything and are the ones greeting and mingling.  This was our second full tasting visit but I think our fourth stop. ( we have stopped to grab wine on our way back home from Toronto)

Located at the eastern edge of the County.  They  welcome you to stop by and enjoy a picnic lunch while you sample their wines or stroll the picturesque trails.  Their wines are approachable and easy drinking and the tasting room is warm and inviting. ( to say nothing about the three pooches normally found lounging).

They have added a pizza over since our first visit and offer pizza and live music on the weekends.  We were trying to get the boys a gig for next summer.



The wine is lovely, if you are a fan of white they offer a Vidal and a Pinot Grigio plus a lovely Blend. They have a Rose and then their reds… Pinot Noir, Baco Noir and a Gamay.  The double Barrel is a family favourite.



For a first Vineyard visit, I have to say it was a huge hit.  The kids and the “rents” all had an amazing time.  We now have to plan a trip back so they can meet the dogs.  If you are in the county make sure you put this winery on the list of must visits.