Loving Life after 50

Fall Porch

 My love of decorating for the season is by now well known.  I constantly am looking for home accessories that can take the mundane to the wonderful.  Well, not that my porch was mundane but it still needed a slight wow punch I thought.

Recently I shared my new Fall reveal, and I do/did love it but then it happened I stumbled upon the extra something I had to have.  I walked into my office on Friday and discovered someone was selling a wicker chair and love seat. Well you know me, I had to have it.  I drove over after work and they were perfect.  The cushions I threw away,(slightly ickky) but the Rocker and Love Seat were exactly what I needed, ok wanted.  I think I will still play around with the set up but I am totally in love with my finds.  I am thinking I need to paint them a deep fall colour, any suggestions?

Does this seem like an inviting set up?  My collection of scarecrows and pumpkins always looked inviting but now I figure we can sit on the front porch and watch the world walk by.  Catch a few early morning rays ( well not to early).

Happy Saturday Everyone
  • I would paint them a metallic bronze & add some pillows with orange, yellow & red fabric combination like paisley or floral. Love your scarecrow family!!