Loving Life after 50

Feelng Blue (plaid)

Old Navy Plaid Tunic with white denim 

Ever have that piece of clothing that you adore and you swear you have worn it to death and then realize you actually haven’t worn it that much at all?  I love this tunic, truly, almost to the point of adoration and everytime I go to where it I stop myself and say, no I wear that too much.  The I track the actual wears and realize six times in thirteen months is in no way excessive.

Old Navy Plaid Tunic with pixie pants

It truly has seen a lot of variations, white denim, mustard pixies, blue leggings.  Short boots, OTK Boots, leopard boots each variation on its own quite good.  I reflect back and I am not crazy about the leopard belt, nothing to do with the pattern just not keen on it belted. What do you think, what is your favourite look?

Old Navy Plaid Tunic in white fur and denim

Old Navy Plaid Tunic with OTK boots

Old Navy Plaid Tunic and fur vest

Old Navy Plaid Tunic

I like the white denim look, or maybe its just because I was having a good hair day… no on a serious note its the white denim for a great contrast.
Happy Humpday and signing off now because hello even we Canadians are fascinated with the election

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