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The Perfect Turkey Dinner- Cooking a Turkey

The key to a perfect Turkey dinner, it’s not just the brine, nor the stuffing but how you actually cook your bird.

After the brine is complete and the stuffing is made and in the turkey the real fun begins.

The key is to cook the turkey for one half hour at 450. Turn down the oven to 350 and then baste every hour until complete.  Kent also started inserting the juice back into the bird after he finishes basting. The combination of the brine and the stuffing all help but the 450 for a half hour then helps seal all the juicy goodness inside.
(extra tip: when you boil your potatoes do not throw out the water, use it for your gravy, its perfect)

more syringe
more basting
and more basting
she is smelling pretty amazing

and oops never got a finished picture but you will have to trust me it was amazing
and hey did you catch my secret gravy trick

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