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Three Christmas Napkin Folds -Christmas Tree Napkin

Creating Christmas Trees with Napkins

We all know how much I love tablescapes and napkin folding, well hold on to your hats because I have a few more seasonal folds for you.  I have created a step by step tutorial and a you-tube video all to help you discover the secrets behind the fold. Today I will be sharing the Christmas Tree, I already shared the Christmas Elf Hat and the Christmas Elf Shoe

Creating Christmas Trees with Napkins
The Christmas Tree was actually my first foray in seasonal napkin folding. I found it on Facebook last year and I just had to try it, not sure why I never shared it but this year I have corrected that error.

 First up was the Christmas Elf Shoe, I swear this has become my favourite seasonal fold, replacing my Fall Rose napkin..  The Christmas Tree is not too difficult, a few more steps than some of the others but very easy to learn and it looks fabulous on your table.  I am thinking of alternating the Tree, the shoe and the hat on my place settings for a real punch.

Creating Christmas Trees with Napkins

Linen Christmas Tree Napkins
fold napkin in half
fold over again in a quarter
take bottom fold and fold up in a triangle
keep repeating with each layer
turn napkin over
fold bottom right corner over
repeat with left corner
creating a triangle shape
turn over
take bottom flap and fold up so the point meets the top point
take next layer and fold up and tuck under top point
keep repeating
Place on plate and garnish if desired.