Loving Life after 50

Aztec Leggings and a Boyfriend Cardigan Even after 50

Sunday was a day and a half, well to be honest the whole weekend was crazy.  I was in the midst of a blog conversion.The fact I managed to get dressed in leggings and a tank could be considered a miracle and a half.Outfit details first,my Honest Heart Collective Tank representing the boys band of course paired with an amazing pair of Aztec leggings.A cool fact the leggings are fur lined so it makes them soft and comfy.

  • aztec lined leggings and a tank

leggings on a sunny day

I recognize that this is kind of an unusual site for me, leggings, Honest Heart tank and sneakers. This combination is what  I call my blogging outfit. The activity  of extensive blogging dictates my need for comfort which far outweighed my need for “fashion”.  How great is it that I didn’t even need the cardigan outside in February. ( surrounded by

snow banks)?

Now back to the important facts, I paid, honestly I actually  paid for my theme to be installed. I then went ahead and installed it myself.  The Company provided the best customer service. A Representative contacted me today and advised as I had done everything myself I should contact their accounts about a refund.  I wrote an email asking if I could use the credit to make sure my SEO and analytics were installed correctly.  My Fingers  are crossed that the credit will be allowed.

Despite what I mentioned yesterday about how helpful the  youtube help videos were, there was one issue. You Tube videos rarely state “slow down you move to fast”. ( like Paul Simon said, you gotta make the moment last) I finally got A Labour of Life looking almost the way I wanted and then got smart and tried to install a different scroll bar.Apparently, I am not as confident as I initially believed myself to be .  Last night, for one hour I had two sample themes running over my blog.

My sincere apologies if you stopped over to visit.

wearing a tank with aztec leggings

I am really liking the options in wordpress that I have discovered so far. There are a  lot of cool plugins but I am missing the ease of blogger.Blogger was  second nature to me but I will persevere and conquer  wordpress.  I believe I mentioned that this was all started over a recipe plugin, or rather the lack of a recipe plugin for blogger.  I didn’t want to continue posting recipes

without a cool plugin so I spent tons of money to switch.     I have always wondered if my lack of wordpress was the cause of lower page views.  My experiment begins now and if it works I promise to share my success and/or failure

aztec leggings and honest heart collective tank

boyfriend cardigan and leggings
leggings and tank day
lined aztec leggings in the snow

THHC Tank and aztec leggings

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