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The Collingwood Series- Collingwood Olive Oil Co

During our recent trip to Collingwood we had the opportunity to partake in a few craft beers.  You might not know this but Collingwood has an amazing selection of Craft Breweries, Cidery’s and Wineries.  Our type of vacation spot. And lets not forget the scenery, great people and restaurants.  We had the opportunity to spend a week in the area in November and now I want to give you a bit of insight into what we saw, what we did and maybe give you an urge to go visit. Next up is the Collingwood Olive Oil Company

Ironically I really wanted to go to the Olive Oil Store but I was a bit skeptical of what I would find.  In my mind I was thinking how many oils can there actually be….. well a lot if the truth be known.  Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar’s, I had no idea there would be so many nor that they would be so delicious.  Tasting samples of oil and vinegar are not something I traditionally think about. The oils are all stored in the stunning containers and you can sample as you go.  They hand fill the bottles that you select.

A quick peruse of the website reveals-We utilize the  alternating harvest seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres to access  the most recent olive crushes, allowing us to offer the freshest juice available – not  just once but twice  per year! Product from Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, California, Chile, Peru, and Australia is available in our shop on a rotational basis. Never pre-bottled, and protected from heat, light, and moisture, each of our ULTRA PREMIUM extra virgin olive oils come with detailed sensory, chemical, and nutritional information as well as a crush date, specific olive varietal, and country of origin. Our olive oils are tested twice, once in California and once in a world renowned, independent lab in Australia, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a fresh, pure, unadulterated product of the highest standard. We offer both fused and infused oils that come in a variety of flavours using natural ingredients only.

We were advised that a new selection is brought in every three months so fresh is always what you will find.  

Beside the Oils and Vinegars you will also find a selection of Gourmet Goodies, ranging from spreads, rubs and accessories, you will even find a line of Olive Baby, baby products made using only the gentlest, non-irritating and natural ingredients, Olive Baby relies on nature’s simplicity as the inspiration behind all of their formulations.  The products are infused with healing botanicals, and use the anti-oxidants of olive oil  to extend the shelf-life of all the products.

  Although many natural products are fragranced with essential oils, with Olive Baby, it is understand that these are often irritating for baby’s or individuals sensitive and delicate skin,  The products DO NOT contain any fragrances, making them the ideal choice for infants, babies or individuals with eczema or other skin sensitivities.  How amazing is that???

This was my first Olive Oil tasting and it did not disappoint.  I actually had a hard time only picking .up a few bottles it was all so good.  If you are in Collingwood this is a must on your what to do list/

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