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10 Best Travel Hacks

10 travel hacks

I have been known to be the worlds most inefficient packer at times.  Over the years I have learned ( the hard way) that more is not always best.  Learning some tips and tricks to help cut the amount of luggage has been a life saver.  In today’s world, it is also far more economical.  Small bags, double duty items, secret tricks all help reduce the amount of baggage we need. I have discovered the perfect travel hacks that help me plan efficiently.

I use to travel for work every other week, sometimes every week, so reducing the bags helped. Now I mostly travel for fun but I have still had to work hard at reducing my luggage. Kent has often joked my toiletries take up more space than all his clothes. ( he is not telling an untruth). I have managed to teach myself a few effective travel hacks.

  1. best tip ever, lotions have been my downfall but when heading out on weekend trips use a contact case.  The case will hold on each side more than enough face cream for a weekend.

storing lotions compactly

2) use a butterfly clip to protect your razor

razor and clip

3) The butterfly clip also works on an electric toothbrush so you do not need to bring the charging station but you can still bring your favourite toothbrush ( a butterfly hairclip does the same job plus you can use it for your hair)

4) Shower cap- perfect for wet swimsuits, allows you to still make use of pool, hot tub, beach right up until departure.

5) Shower cap is also perfect for dirty shores and/or dirty underwear. plus you have had use of the cap all weekend saving you the need to wash your hair, thus no need for shampoo (double win)

shower cap and swinsuit  6) want to bring extra earrings but afraid to lose them,  a pill case is perfect for storing your earrings or even a bracelet or dainty necklace. Plus use the seven day and you can still bring a supply of meds and jewellery on a weekend trip.pill case for storage

7) I know everyone is a fan of rolling ( everyone but me). If you are a guy rolling doesn’t work for your dress shirts.  instead fold it normally, place in the bottom of your bag and use a belt to maintain the collars shape.belt and shirt

8) Pack a small baggie with an emergency kit, elastics, paper clips, safety pins, bobby pins, small hairspray and some salt.  Perfect for emergency repairs and stains and it all fits in a little baggie.

clothes first aid

9) going on a cruise ship, place a small shoe bag in the bottom of your bag,  this will hang on your bathroom door and allow you extra storage for all your toiletries etc.

and finally

10) use your sunglasses or eyeglass case to store your phone cords/chargers. Keeps the cords all together and utilizes your case in your suitcase plus keeps your glasses save at your destination.

Do you have any travel hacks you can share? I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks