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The Most Affordable Backdrops on the Market

affordable backdrops

I have been taking an online photo course and the topic of Backdrops keeps coming up.  A great backdrop can seriously make or break your picture.

texture backdrops

I have been scanning the internet for affordable backdrops. There are a lot available but I questioned the cost. Without spending a fortune I wondered how I could get a step ahead in this area.  Plus have you seen the options? How could I restrict myself to one vinyl?


Blog sites are full of suggestions, go to your nearest hardware store, go to Etsy, shop your house… all viable possibilities.  There are problems though, my hardware store does not sell barnboards nor weathered pieces.

Cement and brick walls may not be close at hand…. and Etsy well not cheap.

I was at Michael’s today and they had fake boards as a backdrop. Now they do not sell the backdrop but it got me thinking, are their paper options. I went in search of the scrap booking section and found ten of the most amazing textured look prints I could find.  I spent $10.00 and I have to say I am very impressed  with the results.

Take a look at the burlap, now I know that is an affordable medium but this is a 12 x 12 piece of paper. Think of the storage you will not need. Next for me I think is the pink washed boards (only 69 cents in the USA)

weathered brick and board backdrops

a brick wall at your fingertips.

brick backdrop

Burlap paper, takes up very little space on your shelf.

burlap backdrop cement backdrop wooden backdrop weathered boards backdrop

This is my favourite, weathered boards without splinters

barn board bckdrop peeling paint board backdrop

I love the white brick as a backgroup but the wood grain may be too flat

wood grain backdrop


The paper selection at Michael’s is fantastic.  This allows you to bring a different level to your pictures. Head out and see what you can find and let’s share the experience #fakebackdrops.

Now I am on the lookout for white cupboards to create the perfect fake blogger kitchen.  Got any leads for this gal.

  • This is genius! I need to head to Michael’s soon and pick some up! Thank you for sharing.

    • Isn’t it great. plus no major storgar space required.

  • Melissa Kielek

    Great post! I found some poster board at Hobby Lobby that looks like weathered wood and it’s so perfect for my pics! I also found quite a few scrapbook papers that I am planning to use as well. Very inexpensive and they look so authentic! Thanks for the post. I’m going to check out Michaels next time I’m over there to see what I can add to my collection! I found your post at #WonderfulWednesday Link Party!

    • I wish we had a hobby lobby. Next time I head to Syracuse I am going to check it out. So glad you found my post. Thank you

  • Paisley & Pugs

    Love this idea…I will definately be using it…I need to come up with something a little larger too for my larger craft projects.

  • fabulous fab

    I made my own with scrap wood from my building remo. I will posting soon about it. Your ideas are great and do not cost an “arm and leg”!