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Fashion Blogs in the Rain

7 charming sisters necklace in the rain

Fashion Blog woes, how do you manage to take outfit pictures in the rain? I do it with a smile on my face because what else can you do, suffer in silence or grin through it all.

a grey day and a grey ootd

It is totally not a normal occurrence to suffer through rain this time of year but I am smiling because I am outside coat free.

Its been a crazy weather month, rain and warm but the forecast is still calling for lots more snow. My fingers are crossed that the snow season is over.  So on a totally unrelated note I am heading back to Casino Rama next week. I am so excited for #letsgomaple.  If you recall I went to #letsgorama last august and shared my amazing dinner at St Germaine’s. The Let’s go Rama meeting was a fun filled two days, learning about blogging and experiencing the Casino. Praying the rain does not eliminate all of the snow because skiing would be fun.


Next week’s events are all outdoor winter activities and great food.  The plan is tubing, fat bike, snow shoes, skiing and even skating.  I sure hope this ole body survives.  One of the best parts is traveling there with five other Ottawa Bloggers,  what a great opportunity to really get to know each other.

I am hoping for another Tuesday Series, this one will be all about Orillia.  My Collingwood series went over well, so hopefully you will all love discovering winter sports in another area of Ontario. Follow along nest week for a few sneak peaks at the activities.

rain and grey outfits


Today was grey, drizzly and a bit of an awkward winter day so I opted for the same kind of outfit,grey not drizzly. This skirt from Ricki’s is a closet favourite. It pairs nicely with my vanheusen cardigan and a cami.  The ECCO Shoes dress the look up as does the 7 Charming Sisters Necklace ( Reach The Peak in red)

Outside wear was my trusty Columbia Coat, Hinuter boots and boot sox.

grey skirt and cardigan

vanheusen cardigan and my ecko shoes

a grey ootd with a fun umbre;lla

grey ricki skirt and vanheusen sweater

grey hunters are the best accessory

hunters in grey to match the day

winter rain makes me grey

pretty necklace to make me smile

grey hunters in the winter rain

red and white umbrella

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columbia and hunter go together

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  • I love this monochromatic look, Linda! Those shoes are fabulous and your Hunter boots look so cute with the outfit, too. I am so over the winter weather as well but it doesn’t seem that the winter weather is over us!


    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      I heard more snow is heading our way, so sad over that. Thank you, the shoes have an indent inside the heel so they are lower then they look.

  • I love gray so I’m totally digging this outfit; the cardigan is fabulous! It’s rained on me twice in the last week while taking shots. I just keep on keepin’ on. The one day though I was taking my pictures during lunch so I went through the rest of the day with a damp frizz ball on my head…lol.

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      It is weird dealing with the rain in Feb but better then freezing cold that hit today. I use to hate the neutrals and now grey and browns are on constant repeat

  • How nice that you are happy about the rain—well at least the lace of coat!!
    i love the skirt, Linda!!

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      happier than tons of snow LOL

  • Ugh, it is so hard to shoot looks when the weather isn’t cooperating. This looks great and I love this monochrome grey look!

    xx, Elise

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      thanks, I have to put the camera in the garage to keep it dry and then it affects the brightness, blogger woes

  • Jennie

    Very nice look for a rainy day! I like both shoe options you selected. When it comes to rainy days, I use my umbrella as you did, and I also have a couple of outside covered locations I utilize.

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      I need to find other outside locations but outside my house at 7:30 in the morning is so very convenient.. I love these shoes from ECKO

  • Linda, very nice new site! I really love WP as it is user friendly, hope you enjoy it. Lovely outfit too, as the different tones of grey in your skirt and the black look great together. Love the shoes! I have done just that, pics with an umbrella! better rain than snow, right?
    jess xx

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      Thanks Jess, still struggling with getting my posts laid out as it is different then blogger but i am enjoying it. I want to get the features at the top reset but small steps right

  • You do look like you are having fun in the rain, even though you may have to force yourself a bit to smile… 🙂 Cute umbrella! And I love the monochromatic outfit! Looking great!

    Thanks for the link up & Happy Thursday!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      Thanks Andrea, it is better then the cold or so I keep telling myself

  • Your necklace really pops against the black and grey!

    • lindaandkent1@gmail.com

      Thanks I love it ( another great find from 7 Charming sisters)

  • seIt seems that even the bad weather couldn’t dampened your sprit. Nice outlook for a rainy day, love the skirt

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This time it’s hard to say whether I like the outfit better with the heels or flats. Hunter boots are so cool. I got a pair with – guess what – high heels!

  • Ugh I hate when the rain ruins my blog photoshoot plans! But it is an excuse to bring out fun props like umbrellas, and to stomp around in rain boots! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!