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#Musicounts and the Band Aid Recipient

barry roden musicounts

Photo Credit Barry Roden

Today I was thrilled to be invited to St Elizabeth Elementary School for a pretty amazing presentation.Thankfully,  someone else managed to capture an absolute beautiful picture afterward the unveiling. I am always a tad paranoid at events with children. Trying to remain so cognizant of privacy my pictures always end up a little wonky.

musicounts attends St Elizabeth Elementary

Band Aid Recepient

Juno Weekend kicked off today in Ottawa with a very touching presentation. Canada’s leading music education charity, MusiCounts kicked it off with a celebration of the 2017 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipients. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was joined by JUNO Nominee Ruth B to unveil $10,000 worth of instruments for St. Elizabeth Elementary School’s music program in Ottawa.

I arrived early and had a chance to listen to the choir practice for what they thought was a visit from the Prime Ministers Wife.  They really had not idea of what was about to happen.  It was such a joy listening to the sweet voices all the while watching the kids fascinated with the TV cameras. Participating in this moment meant so much to me, as a parent of musicians you can understand that music is our live.  What means the most to me is watching the faces of those in love with this medium.  The face our boys have while performing makes every sacrifice worth it.

So today watching these children receive the opportunity to remain not just involved in music but provided with new tools to make that even more enjoyable.  This was my WOW moment.

st elizabeth elementary choir


2017 is the 20th Anniversary of MusiCounts, and this year MusiCounts announced they will distribute $720,000 in instruments to 88 music programs in schools nationwide, making it the largest instrument allocation through the MusiCounts Band Aid Program to date.
Kristy Fletcher, Director, MusiCounts. “Being our 20th Anniversary year, we couldn’t be more pleased that it marks our largest instrument allocation through the program to date.” She then went on to announce that their Music Instructor Nathalie Andrews had written in about the schools program.  Her words inspired and the school was chosen as the Band Aid Recipient, 10,000.00 in musical instruments.

This announcement although well received by the adults in the audience, I do not believe the significance hit the children right away.  The unveiling at the end of all the instruments already purchased for them was their AHA moment.( The kids were still to excited about Sophie and Ruth B)

I was streaming live and although the quality of reception in the gym was not great it is available for you to watch

facebook live stream

I always love watching the people around me. Seeing how many are filming, snapping….I think Shannon and I were the only ones tweeting but there sure were a lot capturing the moments.

social media today

Sophie and Ruth B

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau congratulated the 2017 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipients and then spoke about the importance of music education. She went on to introduce a special performance by Ruth B.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Ruth B and MusiCounts then presented $10,000 of musical instruments to the auditorium of excited students.

sophie gregoire trudeau and ruth B

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Ruth B and MusiCounts

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau,

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Ruth B and MusiCounts with St Elizabeth students

Music Matters

Tonight I sit here reflecting back on the importance of what Musicounts is doing. Having children who are passionate about music able to live their dream…. something that you can understand I care about.  Our boys coincidentally are on their way to Ottawa. They have been selected to play JunoFest.  Living their dream , waiting for their moment, but until that moment happens still loving their music.

Sophie said ” It’s a global language we share and one every child should have the opportunity to learn. When children are given the opportunity to play music, school becomes a place for creative expression and collaboration.” Music

*For a full list of 2016/2017 MusiCounts Band Aid Grant Recipients, click here