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St Patricks Day Outfits and a Giveaway

kelly green and go Irish

Today was not a stellar health day for me and I stayed in PJ’s. The sad thing about not feeling well for me is not getting dressed when its St Patrick’s Day week.  Green is the colour of the week made all the more special because Pantone’s color of the Year.

green and navy MK outfits

2016 was a great outfit week for the week of Green. I figured a preview of what use to be prior to what will come might be welcome. Quick question do you go St Patrick’s Day crazy? Do you dress in green, is your house in the spirit? I created a fun Tablescape to celebrate. My mantle has been transformed with a fun wreath.

green and navy stripes

In case you didn’t know I have a wee bit o’ the Irish in me… and this time of year I really like to broadcast that fact. Plus I really love green so what a great excuse to just keep wearing it LOL

st patricks day green in an outfit

This is the time of year when I realize how much green I have in my wardrobe about the same time I recall I do not own green pumps. WTF right..  seriously I use to own several pairs of green shoes, I had Forest Green Pumps, Mint pumps, Neon Green, Pale Green, Dark Green… well I am sure you get the picture. Now I own an Olive Green Boot….and a Teal and Purple Pump. I am seriously lacking something and I think that something is a green pump

I am hoping Tuesday sees me feeling at least well enough to get dressed so I can show off a few new green outfits for you.  Happy Tuesday

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