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St Patrick’s Day Wreath 2017

            St Patrick’s Day is considered a festive holiday in my book. It is a reason to change my wreath and set my table. Green Beer and fun hats are the order of the day. My traditions start with the dressing of the fireplace wreath.

st paddys day fireplace wreath

I have a fireplace wreath that stays up all year round. The base of the wreath is spruce with a garland of burlap. 2016 was my year of burlap as a base and I am still quite happy with the look.  The Christmas wreath did not get converted for Valentine’s day (oops).  She is getting a St Patricks Day Makeover that I know she will love.Christmas Fireplace wreath

Christmas De-Clutter

I start the process removing all of the accent pieces. The Santa’s, sleds and berries were removed.  I then took off the red and burlap poinsettia’s. There was a debate in my mind over the white as I thought they might still fit.

removing Christmas accents

I opted to remove all hints of Christmas so the remaining flowers and the red burlap were packed away.  The base needed a bit of fluffing and then I sat back to let the creative juices start flowing.

Wreath with a base of burlap

adding green decomesh ribbon to a wreath

Creation of Green

The green decomesh seemed a perfect start, adding the ribbon to the wreath creates a fullsome base.Carnations then followed.  The green and white carnations can be found at Michaels.

greening up my wreath

Shamrock glitter stems add an interesting focal point as well as a few fun leprechauns.  The key to wreath making is adding what you love,  One must always make sure you are comfortable with the design. A wreath can be as soarse or as full as your personal taste dictates.

I use one roll of burlap and a two inch width of decomesh. For 2017, 3 shamrock branches and two pics of carnations formed the center bouquet. I added an additional carnation pic and shamrock stick to each side and a small leprechaun.  Play around with the design,  sit down and let your mind get use to the look and change or modify till you are happy.

Normally I am not happy with the wreath when I first finish. NormallyI leave the room and letting it sit for a half hour before I fall in love.

adding shamrocks and glitter to my st pats wreath

adding leprechans and carnations to a st paddys day wreath

green carnations

st pats leprechaun wreath

fireplace St Patricks day wreath

Is St Patricks Day a thing in your home? Do you decorate?

St Paddys Day wreath

  • Girl you are the queen of wreaths. I’m hoping to get into making them once we move into our house.

    PS Loving the new look around here!

    • Thanks Kerri, I did the switch myself and I am really liking it, panic moment for a few days as all my pinterest links were busted lol. I love wreaths and they are so very easy. can’t wait to see yours when you get into the house