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The 10 Coolest Pool Floaties for 2017

when in doubt, Float, on a cool pool floatie

I am fascinated with Pool Floaties, it’s a real thing honest.  Last year I was totally infatuated with the Pizza Slice and the Pink Flamingo.  I never ended up finding either but totally craved them.  I did manage to get the Pink Frosted Donut though.  This year I started searching early and I have created my wish list. The top Ten, or the Coolest 10 Floaties you need in your life. ( or that Linda needs in her life).  

10 Coolest Pool Floaties

Moving on from Pizza’s and Flamingos have you been shopping yet? It’s almost pool season and this is one of those snooze you loose concepts.  Highlight of my search has to be a Giraffe, I mean COME ON, have you watched April at all.  Seems fitting to be floating on a Giraffe this summer.  Realizing no normal person needs all ten I would narrow my favs to a ” House Theme”

Margaritas are a hit at Larmond Estates ( our home LOL), you will not catch us lounging poolside without a few times testing out a house drink., so a pool floatie representing us is a margarita glass. Next up has to be popcorn for movie night.  The boys are fiends when it comes to their popcorn.  My final selection has to be a converse, I mean SERIOUSLY have you followed me lately? Plus the boys are fans as well, just wish this Pool Floatie came in red, black, yellow, pink…. all my fav’s.

Giraffe/ Boat House/ Ice Cream Sandwich/Pineapple/ Converse/

Lime/ Flipflop/Popcorn/ Smart Phone/ Margarita

marguarita pool floatie

popcorn pool floatie

converse pool floatie

As a special bonus, last year I ordered a few drink floaties.  They were just to cute to resist. Perfect for poolside and as a double bonus they make perfect containers and props for Summer Party Tables.  I searched and found a package that includes all my fav’s at a totally reasonable price point. Flamingos and Palm Trees Fruit and Donuts

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    omg these are so darn cute <3 <3