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Easter Table and A Sydney Fold Napkin

Pastel setting for an Easter Table

Hoppy Easter and a final fun Tablescape for you to enjoy.  I am truly addicted to making a table pretty. We are not celebrating until Monday because one of our guests is working all weekend. On a rainy Saturday I decided what better way to spend my time was to re-do my table. An Easter Table featuring a Sydney Fold Napkin is always fun.

Pastel setting for an Easter Table with pastel gift bags

I opted to stick with the bunny theme for 2017.  There appears to have been an overabundance of bunnies in my life lately. It may be true bunnies multiply no matter where they are. The Sydney Fan worked well for a napkin fold. ( thought I shared that already but I will correct that error today)

Sydney Fold Napkin

A relatively simple fold

  1. Fold the napkin in half making a triangle
  2. on the long side, fold over partially  as per diagram)
  3. creating an accordion fold along the straight side.
  4. pinch the fold together
  5. insert tip an bottom of fold into a wine glass
  6. let sides slowly fan out
  7. you have created a Sydney fold

Pastel setting for an Easter Table, bunny butter dish

bunny butter dish

For the rest of the table I utilized a multitude of pastel Easter items I have collected.  The centerpiece was a floral wreath with an Easter Candle from Bath and Body Works ( what a lovely scent). Fun colored gift bags from Michaels filled with Easter surprises and chocolate bunnies.

chocolate ceramic bunny

eggs and bunnies for easter

lilac Easter bag

pink Easter Bag

Floral and bunny centerpiece

white chocolate ceramic bunny

bunnies and eggs on the table

Easter table with a Sydney fold napkin

Sydney fold napkin for Easter

Easter Gift Bags and Sydney fold napkins

Easter Sydney Fold Napkins