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Hoppy Easter Wreath with Decomesh

hoppy Easter Decomesh wreath

its that time of year again, the time when one holiday or special occasion fades away and another is just around the corner.  Well this year that corner is a very short corner, St Patricks Day fades very quickly away and Easter will be upon is in a very few days.  So the Fireplace Wreath needed changing. Its Hoppy Easter Wreath Time.

  Decomesh wreath for Easter

I love my Fireplace Wreath, is stays year round and with a few quick changes it just brightens up the room.  For the past year I have left the burlap ribbon as a base, it creates additional fullness and texture to what ever ribbons and colours I choose.

Easter Wreath

To begin the transformation I first remove all the decor related to the holiday, so the shamrocks and leprechans were removed. I took the carnations off the wreath and then I removed the green decomesh.  The green probably could have stayed for Easter but this year I opted for a complete switch.

I have created a similar wreath every year, each the same yet different 2016 wreath, 2015 wreath and even a 2014 wreath.  For 2017 I thought I would actually show you in real time.  It’s true a step by step video for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Easter and a bunny wreath
bunnies in a wreath
hoppy Easter Decomesh wreath for the mantle
Do you create Easter Decor? Are you a holiday person like me?